Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hurricane Harvey

On the weekend of August 26 we braced ourselves for Hurricane Harvey. Call me ignorant but I had no idea San Antonio/Austin areas could even be that affected by a hurricane. I seriously had no idea it could come to us. Luckily I had gone to Costco that week and we had our food supply and 72 kits ready. We were at HEB to grab a few produce items and it was crazy to see all the bread, milk and eggs GONE! Like shelves wiped clean. I had never seen that before. We hunkered down to wait out the weekend and see what would come. All we got in SA was some rain- not even thunder showers. Everything was canceled for the weekend- including church- so it was a lot of time just being at home! But it actually kind of nice since I had some crafts and a giant puzzle to work on so it turned out to just be a lazy weekend. Temps had cooled down and it was almost funny how nice of weather it had become. I was worried school would be delayed in starting and all my baby-sitting plans would be all messed up since I had orientation all week but everything resumed to normal on Monday. 
Come to find out, we actually were extremely lucky and blessed. The hurricane shifted 40 miles to the east which spared us and wrecked havoc on Houston instead. I've been feeling such mixed feelings of gratitude and guilt, knowing it could be SA under water instead of Houston. I'm looking forward to helping in whatever ways our stake is assigned. We knew about 5 families over there- Amy Ludwig (Nuzman), Dylan Cannon, LeeAnn Schaffer, Shiloh and Tim Gooch, and the Shilligs- and I've been pretty worried about them. Turns out the only ones to take in water in their houses were the Cannons and Shilligs, with the Shilligs being pretty bad. Everything is ruined and they only have their vehicle and some clothes in a suitcase. It's been so touching to see people donate to their cause- lot of Venmos to me and gift cards sent to them. So kind. 
Anyways, this was the first large scale natural disaster that affected me personally, in a way. These people are our neighbors and it could've been us so easily. Christus hospitals were full after taking in an influx of people from Corpus Christi (the roads were impassable to get to SA from Houston so those patients all went north and to Louisiana). TJ's sister building took in 57 residents, workers, families and pets! and so he went in all day the Friday before the storm to prep the building, find bedding, stock up and clean. It has been so touching to see the Texas pride showing forth and people from around the world showing sympathy and giving relief. 

The Houston temple took in water :( Made me so sad when I heard that. The baptistry was under water and the rest of building took in about a foot or two. 

Civilians from all over got their boats and just starting going out to rescue people. They are called the "Cajun Navy" and it's so neat to see people come together and truly care. I guess this is the worst flood in the last 500 years. Many towns got 17-19 feet of water and it rained 30 inches over night. 

Empty HEB shelves

The puzzle we worked on all weekend!

We've been struggling with gas around SA. For a few days, we had zero due to a panic. People lined up for 2-3 hours until it was gone. 

The Shillig's house :(

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