Friday, August 11, 2017

New Baby Cousin and Mamita

Ginger and Curtiss had the perfect little addition to finish up their cute little family of 3 boys!

Gracie Dawn Smith
7/27/17 at 8:07 pm
6 lbs, 13 oz

It's so fun to have another sweet little niece and definitely need more on the Hendriksen side! My boys think she is adorable!

Since Gracie has been born the boys keep seeing cute girl stuff and asking if we can buy it for our little sister someday, haha. When I told them Ginger had her, Levi said, "Awwww NO FAIR!!" :)

Ruth came to visit for a week! It was nice having her here and we did a lot of fun things! We did Sea World again and it was even better this time because the orca shows were open! We sat super close and so fun to see them up close. The park was not busy at all so it was neat to do a lot and see things super up close.

I had two work meetings on different days so I took Ty with me to one of them on Monday and Levi with me on Tuesday. We did lunch before and got some good one-on-one time. Ruth was adamant about walking to the park in the crazy heat and humidity instead of me dropping them off, haha, but they looked so cute walking as I drove away with Ty. Levi had his snake stuffed animal wrapped around the wagon so he could hang on :)

Levi went with me to my occupational nurse appointment for all my immunizations and drug testing. He thought it was very interesting that they were checking for cavities when I did the saliva drug test :) I'm really grateful for this job and am actually excited to start. I feel the Lord's hand in it and directed towards it. Out of the 25 or so jobs I applied this was only the second interview I was offered and the first one I didn't end up going to because I couldn't find a baby-sitter and didn't feel good about it (it was home health anyways).  I feel excited about working for Christus Health- everyone has been so kind and welcoming, like more than normal or more than I every experience with all my years at IHC. I'm ready for this change. 

Benson loves watching the shows and acts like a big boy just sitting there watching. 

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