Sunday, August 20, 2017

Last full week of summer!

With school starting so late this year- August 28- and me starting a new job (orientation is tomorrow, Aug 21), this past week was our last full week of summer. Finally!!! I love summer and having the time with my kids but after we get halfway through August we ALL are needing more structure, routine and tiny bit of space! This past week I also finished up my last summer class and I had a full week break off from school so we tried to find cheap/free things to do to occupy us. I feel like we get our dailies done in the morning, eat lunch and Benson naps but after that, we need to get out of the house or DO something, otherwise we all go stir crazy. We went to a bounce house place that I had a groupon for, Levi (finally) had his 6 year old well-child check up, the boys sold lemonade to earn money to eat dinner at Chick-fil-A, we drove to Bandera, TX to play in the river, met Carrie and her kids at Six Flags for a day, and lots of Magic Treehouse reading. It was a good last week of summer!

Levi is 39.5 lbs (12th percentile) and 43.75 inches (18th percentile). He's slowly getting out of the single digit percentiles! Hopefully he won't be the shortest and smallest in his class this year!

We drove to a Chick-fil-A that was supposed to be fancy and a bigger play place after selling lemonade in the hot sun to raise money for it. Ha! It was the exact same :) But we still love Chick-fil-A so it was still just as enjoyable! I tell TJ all the time that my dream is open a Chick-fil-A inside a Target ;) By the time we got there, it was late afternoon and I knew we'd have to fight traffic on the 1604 to make it home. I wasn't willing to fight Benson to change his shirt into the one I brought. So we were THAT family- him running around dirty, covered in Chick-fil-A sauce, wearing Ty's shirt and his shoes on the wrong feet! Ahhh! :) I still loved sitting back and letting them play forever while I was on my phone, sipping my Dr. Pepper :)

We drove 30 miles northwest of the city out to Bandera- I loved this cute little town!! I would seriously live here in a heartbeat. It was great weather and the boys enjoyed playing in the river and throwing rocks. The drive was so nice and I love Texas country! Makes me so eager to move out of the city ASAP!


We met Carrie and Nora and Jackson at Six Flags. Ty was so cute with the little kids and especially Nora. He held her hand and let her sit with him on all the "little kids rides." He made sure to tell me he was just going on them "to help the kids"- ha! These are the same rides he loved at the beginning of the summer- what's happening to my little baby boy! :)

These boys have worked hard this summer selling lemonade!! At the beginning of the summer they each invested $3.50 to buy everything they needed to sell lemonade. They quickly learned it wasn't that much fun, very hot and takes a while to sell an entire pitcher! I made them keep doing it since it was a job they committed to and couldn't just quit because it was hard! They sold about 4 times total and made $32 all together! They used their money to buy dinner at Chick-fil-A once and the rest on Magic Treehouse books. They got very good at their selling tactics by dancing and singing. It was hard work for me too because I had to keep Benson out of the busy road, keep Shad from drinking it all, keep bugs/dirt out of the ice bucket and pitcher and constantly tell Ty and Levi cars were coming! The things we do to get them out of the house!

This crazy kid!

Benson loves butter.

Lion King movie night with ice cream cones.

Levi wanted to see how many Magic Treehouse books he could read in one week- he ended up reading books 1-28!! I was surprised at how much he stuck to it. He took a book or two with him wherever we went, literally! His comprehension is great too. I love seeing these boys love reading so much and brings back glimpses of myself at their ages. 

Levi read everywhere we went!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Corpus Christi

We finally made it down to the beach!! 
The Hunters invited us to go with them, along with a few other families in the ward. It was nice to go with people who knew the best areas and we loved it! We were at Mustang Beach which was great because you could park right on the sand and set up camp where you were. The boys had a blast- I seriously didn't expect them to love it as much as they really did. It's only 2.5 hours from us which is nice. We drove in the morning, played all day and then came home to put the kids to bed! Fun Saturday before school starts!

 Benson loved throwing himself straight into the waves.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Week with Mamita

While TJ's mom was here we went bowling, to the Riverwalk, ate at Rainforest Cafe (to my boys' delight), explored the Tower of America (too expensive to ride to the top ;), ate Colombian food and celebrated TJ turning 33 on August 6th! We also bought a car- ughhhh. Our car that we bought right as we got married finally gave up the ghost and died for good. It needed a new engine and wasn't worth it. It was definitely a tender mercy that it died right as TJ went out of town for a week and that Ruth was here for us to go car shopping several times without kids. It's a 2009 Toyota Corolla with a lot of miles on it but we got a good deal on it and we're crossing our fingers it's like all the other Toyotas that Wengerts have had and it'll go to 300k+ miles! And we can't get away from the color grey apparently.... ;)

My boys LOVED bowling- it was actually so fun to see all of them get so excited! Benson would try to jump up and down and clap his hands! And he only wanted the red ball. After the first game, Bens and Shad were done and bored though. But Ty and Lev could've gone on and on. They looked so cute in their bowling shoes too ;)

We went to Sea World with Carrie and Danielle and their kids. Levi's new dream is to be selected as the child to feed a fish to the orcas so we sat close to where they chose the kids last time. No such luck and it meant we were on the 2nd row of the splash zone. Both little boys fell asleep on me and I didn't have time to move before the 55 degree water hit us! ha! Poor little boys woke right up!! What a mean mom to have them woken up like that!

We drove down to Kyle for Mrs. Sparks' Class Reunion party! She is amazing! She had about 50-60 people over and kids were yelling and running everywhere!! They were in heaven! Her daughter is having health problems and her and her husband are going out of the country the next day yet she still took the time to throw us a party, provide food and make a cute little treat for her kids that say "OWL always love you"- she seriously has made such a difference in our lives! Not sure how any teacher at our new school could ever top our experience at Negley with Mrs. Sparks!

I watched my friend, Marsha Hunter's kids so I had 8 kids under the age of 8, with 7 boys and 1 little girl! It was a little crazy!! Poor Marsha is almost 9 months pregnant with #5 and the gender is a surprise! I'm so excited for them!

Our "new" car!

I found this little orphan child taking a shower in my bathroom ;) He has some sort of towel thingy that is supposed to dry water off you quicker but he was using it for "playing in the rain."