Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Summertime in AZ

Since my parents were coordinators for two days over the Tucson Temple Open House time period, I was able to work during one of the shifts there! I had gotten rear-ended in Kyle when we were moving on a Thursday and couldn't set up the rental car until the following Monday. I was planning on leaving Sunday to drive halfway and then finish it up on Monday because I was scheduled to work the temple shift with my parents on Tuesday. So that meant I was kind of forced to drive the entire way Monday- something I've never attempted before by myself! Since I was so determined to get to the temple I just bit the bullet and got into the right mindset. Plus the kids are older and Benson watches movies which is the only way it makes it possible to travel long distances. By the time we dropped the van off at the repair shop, got the rental car and drove to Safford due to everyone being rerouted off the freeway due to an accident (it added an extra 74 miles behind slow semis going 55 mph) we were in the car for 15 hours!! Amazingly, everyone did REALLY well!!! I was so shocked when we finally made it at 9:30 pm at night in my parent's driveway!!! It really felt like a new achievement that we should get a prize for. The drive home was a little rougher because we had Molly with us and the novelty of the movie had worn off. But still- WE DID IT! Freedom to not being restricted to taking two days to drive everywhere!!!! 

Working at the temple was such an amazing experience. I felt like I was on my mission again. Plus I had so much fun working side by side Janae and being directed by my parents. It felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity. Janae and I only did 3 tours and it took the entire 4.5 hours and we were exhausted by the end, just like missionary days! It was crazy! Janae and I took our group of 50 after they watched the movie, guided them onto the bus, read them temple facts on the drive over, lead them through it and then raced back on a bus to hurry and take the next tour. It actually was a little tricky and took practice to get it down just right. But I loved it and it was worth the awful 15 hours of driving the day before. Plus I still can't get over there is a TUCSON TEMPLE! It makes me tear up just thinking about it. I think back in 1989 when we moved to Marana and our little Marana Ward covered 60 square miles of Marana and Northwest Tucson. Now it's Marana Stake, similar to Kyle, TX. I love seeing the gospel grow!!

The day before we left was Father's Day so it was nice to spend it with TJ before we left for 10 days.

Benson and Shad together in nursery :) So cute to see them together! I was subbing in the other class. So far we've been to our ward twice and I've subbed in nursery both times. Haven't even been to RS yet, haha.

My dad giving the devotional before our shift. I love it!

Shad and Ruby

These two play so well together!! It's fun to watch them. I took just them to Chick-fil-A on a little date- it was so fun!

This girl is crazy!!! This was such a great trip because my kids had time to make memories and get to know their cousins and grandparents. My dad was thrilled when Benson would come running to him for a hug or give him knucks- we all know Benson rarely gives another person the time of time so that was huge!! My dad also put a big blow up pool under treehouse slide so the kids could slide into the water so it wouldn't be so fast. They thought it was awesome and played for hours on it. 

I LOVED snuggling these two and then handing them back to their mommas at night or when they'd cry, haha. It was awesome! These two got blessed on Sunday June 25. Little Ruby Wengert and Emmett Jefferson Wengert.

Working on calendar pics for Jordan!!! 
Shad is a Boy Bug here. We had to be very careful what we called it. There was some competition for the snake so the ladybug costume turned into a Boy Bug costume. ;)

We snuck away to the taco stand and of course, it wasn't open. So we had to settle for Nicos. :)

It's exhausting playing so hard! I got Benson dressed for the Open House while he passed out on the ground like this.

The Lindseys went with us to the Open House. It was so cute to see Ty and Preston (11) be buddies the whole time. The boys thought riding the bus was SO cool. 

The temple was beautiful and the boys were very well behaved inside. I could tell they sensed the importance of where they were at. Totally worth the trip and feel so grateful they could experience it.

 We went up to Mesa one day to the Soda Shop to get a delicious Raspberry Dream knock-off (I still miss you Swig!!!), Cafe Rio and a fun little community pool that Teddi knew about. While we were at Cafe Rio, my cousin Easton and Jamie walked in!! She's due in about a month with a little boy! Fun to see them again since they were just there for the baby blessings of Ruby and Emmett.

Benson's cheese face kills me

The funniest conversation happened between Tanner and Ty in the car. Tanner likes to tease and Ty likes to tell people facts about the 50 states :) They were watching George Washington cartoon in the car while we were driving and Ty asked what war they were fighting I told him the Revolutionary War. 
Ty: "Oh so they must be fighting in Delaware since that was the first state."
Me: "Is Virginia number two?"
Ty: "No, that's number ten. Pennsylvania is number two."
Tanner trying to tease said, "So what number is Arizona then??"
Ty without missing a beat: "48"
Tanner: "When did it become a state then?"
Ty again, no hesitation: "February 1912. You know, the same year as the Titanic sank."
Tanner just stares in disbelief but then a Mayflower semi truck passes us: "Do you know who the Mayflower brought over?"
Ty: "Yes, that's easy."
Tanner: "Right?? It brought Christopher Columbus. Easy."
Ty: "Actually Tan, it brought the pilgrims across the ocean to Massachusetts."
Tanner couldn't believe he was just bested by a 7 year old- it was pretty funny.

Emily stayed for a week at her parents so she met us at the pool with her sister and niece and nephew. My boys LOVED the pool and especially the lazy river. It was definitely hot the entire time we were there but felt amazing since it was SO dry!! Oh how I miss the dry heat!!! :)

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