Saturday, July 29, 2017

Pioneer Day

The letters from Jordan each week are so full of small miracles, tender mercies and total joy from her. I've never seen her so happy and I love it. 

I love that with good friends, it doesn't matter how far you live. It's so nice seeing the Smiths, Theodores and Stakers frequently since we are only 76 miles from Kyle. It's just the blasted San Antonio traffic that kills us :)

 Benson and Molly are good friends. He is always wrestling her and she tolerates it so well. He'll pull on her tail hard and she totally lets him!

We went up to Kyle for their Stake Pioneer Celebration at Texas Old Town. Last year for it, TJ had just moved there and I remember him calling me during it, telling me all about it. He had signed up to help clean up but didn't know anyone so he was just wandering around, waiting for it to be over so he could clean and go back to his lonely apartment. It just was surreal being there since it seem symbolic, in a way, of our first full year in Texas and how crazy it's been. It was really fun to be with all our old friends and I have to try not to dwell on the fact of how much I wish we still lived in Kyle and how much I do not like San Antonio :) I'm just so glad we're close and can still keep up friendship and can hope that someday we'll get transferred back.

It was definitely the biggest and best pioneer celebration I've ever been to. It was so well organized and SO much for the kids to do. The fireworks show at the end was very impressive! We loved being at Texas Old Town- it's such a neat place with so many ties to Teddi and her family and Plum Creek ward members. 

It's so nice being able to run over to Six Flags for a few hours to play in the water park. These boys love having TJ there and it's nice to not feel like we have to make a day of it to get our money's worth. 

Even though I didn't get Benson smiling here, just look at Molly's tongue! I was about to delete this picture off my phone until I saw it and laughed out loud. 

After surviving another Sunday (and without TJ), these guys walked out of church together, lookin' kinda cute :)

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