Thursday, July 6, 2017

Cousin Birthday Party

While in Marana, Levi kept talking about having a cousin birthday party over and over and over... so I finally gave in and threw together a "party". He wanted a Wild Animal Birthday with the old Halloween costumes my mom had out for the calendar pictures so we did the best we could and kind of went with random animal theme :) A cheap pinata sealed the deal and the kids loved it. Easiest birthday ever! And with bunch of cute animals too.

Ty- 7
Levi- 6
Clay- 3
Shad- 3
Beau- 3
Benson- 1
Gigi- 1
Ruby- 3 months
Emmett- 1 month

Ty wasn't in his orangutan costume because it was too hot which is too bad since it was the funniest costume of all (besides the Boy Bug :)

On the drive home, it got a little bit crazier since we had Molly with us. And for some reason, they didn't watch the movies as well. This is as we were trying to load up again at a gas station- the hot dogs with cheese sauce fell, Molly was trying to lick it up, Benson was crying to get back in his carseat, Ty was non-stop talking about Levi was trying not to cry because he had cheese sauce all over him. Shad was dancing because he got a honey bun- in that moment all I could do was take a picture because we looked ridiculous and the only thing to do was laugh. 

We were 30 miles from home and it was 9:30 pm but Molly needed dog food, the kids were hungry and Benson was done with the carseat. So we stopped at the Walmart in Boerne. I felt so redneck going to the McDonalds there- the kids were dirty and some in pajamas and were getting happy meals so late, haha. But I sure love Boerne. I told TJ we HAVE to figure out how to move here or back to Kyle in two years.

It sure is good to have Molly back though! I'm surprised at how much I've missed her! She spent the last year at my parents home. She's much more calm and seems grown up- not a puppy anymore. Even TJ is surprised at how much better she is, which says a lot. She's so sweet!

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