Thursday, July 6, 2017

4th of July

Happy Birthday America!

Ty- 7
Levi- (almost) 6
Shad- 3
Benson- 18 months

Levi saw these glasses in the Target dollar section about a month ago and hasn't stopped talking about them since. He has a problem with spending his chore money instead of saving it (like Ty, who has $35 saved up!) so he hasn't had any money to buy them. He was beyond excited when he opened up his presents at his cousin birthday and saw them there. You just never know the things kids fall in love with :)

We had a pretty laid back 4th of July around here. We went with TJ to take pizza to his employees and to visit the residents with our boys and Molly. We had a "feast" according to the boys (now that TJ is home every night I make a real dinner most nights so the boys keep asking why we are having "feasts" every night now) of bacon and avocado hamburgers. Once Benson was in bed and it was dark we did some fireworks on our front driveway. There wasn't really any need to do our own or drive some place to watch them because they were going off everywhere, in every direction! Neighbors were lighting them off like crazy and you could see the city's high in the sky too! It was the most convenient firework show ever!

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