Sunday, June 18, 2017


 This past Tuesday morning the movers showed up to pack everything! I didn't know what to expect since we've never moved this way before (TJ's work pays up to $3,000 for one move). I was SUPER excited to not have to pack and move everything ourselves but it turns out, it was still stressful and hard just in different ways! Definitely not complaining, just stating the fact that moving is never easy or convenient! They packed all day Tuesday and left when almost everything was in boxes. We left for most of the day because it was too hard to have the kids everywhere. When we came home I didn't realize everything would be gone (except our beds) and so we were left with nothing! Benson had a diaper and that's it! I realize now I should've packed overnight bags for us- oops. So with the help of Carrie and Brittany I borrowed things and made a quick 11 pm trip to the store to grab a few essentials and we made it through. They returned Wednesday morning, packed the rest in 2 hours and then we were on our way to San Antonio! We met them there where they unloaded everything, put beds back together and left me with a pile of kids and house full of boxes! TJ came home early and we unpacked until it was time to drive back to Kyle for the older boys' swim lessons (I didn't time that well...). TJ was so sweet to not complain and after swimming went to the old house to clean some so I wouldn't be left with it all. I appreciate him so much.

 Trying to find food in the house to eat for breakfast!

The next day, Thursday, we drove back up to Kyle again so I could clean the Plum Creek house since the lease was over that day. I timed it so we could meet Carrie at the school to feed the kids lunch before cleaning. On the way there, a sweet old man totally rear-ended me!! :( He felt so bad. It was discouraging with everything that was going on but I was super glad it was so minor and not a big deal. Like the true friend that she is, Carrie stopped by the accident site to grab my kids so we wouldn't miss lunch and so I could wait for the police easier. I then spent so much time on the phone calling insurance and all that stuff. By the time I got to the house, I only had 4 hours to clean a whole house. Once again, my dear, sweet friends took all my kids to the pool and kept them there for the full 4 hours so I could just whip through things. It was a total lifesaver and I could not have done it without them. I was dripping in sweat and grimy and dirty but I got it all done!!!! I worked like crazy and it felt so good to lock the door and be done with it all. We finished up the day with our last swim lesson of the session. I'm surprised how much Ty and Levi LOVED it. They couldn't wait for them to come and did really well. I really think Ty (and maybe Levi) will definitely be ready for swim team next summer.

Unpacking is SO much work!!

Our poor scraped up van ;)

Since we had the movers there all day, I went over to the church to let the kids play with the Smith and Staker kids and helped Brittany with a RS activity that was going on that night. It was a shoe theme and we made these cute cupcakes. I thought they turned out so cute and definitely was a lot of work!

Our new house in San Antonio! 
It's newer, built in 2015, and still in a HOA (ugh) but we decided if we're going to rent and pay so much $$$ (prices are crazy here) it might as well be a nice one with a HOA pool that the kids can go swimming in daily. We need to pay off our student loans before we can buy again so that's why we're stuck renting. Plus, once you're in Texas for 3 years you qualify as a first time home buyer again so that's what we're shooting for. The houses are super close together and I don't really like the big city feel of San Antonio but it'll only be for 2 years and then hopefully we'll settle down. :) It's also nice because the boys' school is directly behind us and I like looking out the window and  "seeing" them right there. 
I'm grateful for it- don't want to sound like a brat- it's just that longing for a place to settle down is always there. It'll come! All our hard work will eventually pay off and someday we'll reach our dream of living on acres and acres of land in a smaller town!!!

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