Saturday, June 17, 2017

Last week in Kyle

So our the first week of June was our last full week living in Kyle! I was so sad to see it end and it amazes me how good of friends we made in just the short 10 months we lived there. I really loved living there but the day we moved in. The Smiths and the Stakers have become like family to us and our kids all play so well together. We had lots of 4 hour pool days with the three of us just talking while the kids played. Man, I wish San Antonio was closer!!

Carrie Smith, Brittany Staker and I

 I had to head down to our San Antonio house to be there when our new fridge was being delivered and on the way there I got a flat tire. We were stranded on the side of the freeway (well, one of them) with major tire damage. It was so nice to be able to call TJ and he was able to come right over! I don't know what I would've done if we had been in Kyle or Austin. After TJ put the spare on, I drove to our new house for the fridge, registered the boys at their new school and then found a tire repair shop. We ended up having to get two new back tires and two hours to kill. So I loaded the little boys in the wagon and we walked to see what we could find. We ate lunch and then played in the arcade at a movie theater until it was time. Good thing my kids are so easily entertained because I wasn't paying any money for the dumb arcade games :) On the way home we stopped at the temple and I forgot it was Monday so it wasn't open. It felt like a day of failure but we made it home eventually in one piece!! 

Clay and his new shirt his awesome aunt got him, haha. He's so cute!

Carrie watched my boys while I got my teeth cleaned at the dentist. She sent me this picture saying the boys dressed her up and were in awe that she looked like a real princess ;)

I was sad on our last Sunday in the Plum Creek Ward (Kyle Texas Stake). This was a ward I would definitely want to stay in my whole life- it was so good and we loved the members so much. My Valiant 11 class was such a great class and I'll miss them so much! I'm so surprised that this calling actually became one of my very favorite- if not my #1.

Taking selfies in Primay- we are cool!

Our kids made such good friends here!

Benson on his first day in nursery! Since it was our last Sunday and he'll be 18 months in two weeks I sent him with Shad. He lasted a good hour until he got too sad and tired!

After church we went over to the Rigby's house to have them show my boys their cup stacking. It was pretty awesome and I was surprised that Ty got the hang of it so quickly! He now wants to get his own cups and practice more. JT and Lucy are really good. Once again, such good friends to us that we'll miss! But we're glad we'll be living close to Six Flags, Sea World and the temple so we can lure our friends down this way ;)

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