Thursday, June 1, 2017

Last Day of School

Today we finished up the school year at Negley Elementary! 

It's crazy to think at the beginning of the school year we didn't know one person and that Benson was only 9 months old! So much has changed and it seriously has been such an awesome school year here in Texas. We were so nervous about coming to a new state, new school, making new friends, new teachers and our first year in a "normal" public school. It has gone better than I ever could have hoped for. I was able to be super involved with both of the boys' classes, which I've loved, and the boys flourished this year.

Yesterday I surprised the boys by bringing Chick-fil-A for lunch. Levi chose Kai to sit on stage with us and Ty chose Terrance. We sure will miss the good friends they've made in their grades. 

On the last day of school, Dub, came home with us until his mom got off work. 

The little baby faces are gone! They've changed a lot this year.

Mrs. Sparks was so sweet and gave the 3 kids that are moving away a moving book and had all the class sign it. It was so sweet and made the parents tear up, including me! It's hard leaving such a good support system and starting all over again. But it's nice because we aren't too far away and Levi is already talking about coming back to her classroom to read to her new class in the fall. We'll have to make the trip up to make Levi's dreams come true! I'm also shocked at how much this little class has learned. They played and learned in the perfect balance. It was also neat that she had such a great group of kids- so well behaved and kids that just soaked up learning. That also meant we had really supportive, involved parents and it made my job easy as the classroom mom. Just this morning we had a huge breakfast because almost every single parent contributed. I really have enjoyed this year so much! Definitely ready for a break but so glad for our time here!

For their class party, Mrs. Sparks had memory books made for them, complete with a graduation picture on a stand, played a slideshow and then had a breakfast. It was so cute!! I've never seen a teacher go above and beyond so much. She also had a little lego set as a birthday present for Levi's summer b-day as well as the moving book signed by the kids! Amazing.

Benson signing "more" and his cheese face.

Ty's class party was a luau theme where the kids made leis, had a hula contest and limbo contest. It was so cute! 

This is the gift Mrs. Sparks gave me for helping all year- it's adorable! Seriously, such good kids!!

About 8 kids out of my Valiant 11 class (it's a huge group of Mormon kids- it's so awesome!) graduated from 5th grade today at Negley and are onto middle school. Negley has a tradition where the 5th graders walk the halls of the entire school as a farewell and everyone lines the halls clapping. Seeing these kids that I love so much brought tears to my eyes!! Poor Reese Allen was bawling and it made me cry! It just hit me how fast this parenting stuff goes by (cliche I know but it's true). I was also touched that Mrs. Sparks got out her picture of the class she had that was graduating and made sure to hug and even kiss on the cheek the ones that were still there :) So sweet.

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