Thursday, June 1, 2017

Janae's Graduation

Last week I flew home for a super quick trip to see Janae graudate from Marana High School. It literally was like a 36 hour trip but I was SO glad I went. It was just simple but exactly what I needed and good to be home. Benson was free so he got to tag along. I left TJ in charge with step by step instructions for each of the boys since it was the last full week of school with lots of details and things going on. TJ was such a good sport about it all and did his very best. ;) He did say when I got home that he doesn't know how moms do it all- yessss! That's the only appreciation I need ;) I got several calls from him with various problems or questions- it was funny. He did a great job and followed directions very well! 

However, when we were getting Ruby's ears pierced I saw I had a missed call from the elementary school- my heart stopped and as I listened to the message I was half laughing, half ticked off! It was 3:25 pm and the office called saying they were wondering who was going to pick up Ty and Levi (school gets out at 2:50 pm). I immediately call TJ and all he says is, "I'm on my way" very sheepishly. Turns out he was tired and took a nap..... enough said. 

Mrs. Sparks told me later that the office called her when I didn't answer my phone. She was in a meeting and stepped out to tell them that Mom was out of town and Dad was in charge. They all started laughing as that was the only explanation they needed :)

Benson was spoiled and got a lot of one on one Gramma time. When we were at Kohls and I wouldn't buy him the ball/bat that he wanted, Gramma scooped him up and went directly back to buy it. He kept his head on her shoulder and knew exactly what was going on. He kept giving me grumpy looks since I was the bad mommy. He loved all the girl toys too. He would throw the babies on the floor and then push his blankie around in the doll strollers. :)

He did pretty good on the flights but it was 2 hours of constant entertainment!! He did watch Moana for parts of it but wouldn't keep the earbud in his ear so I had to hold it slightly beside his ear. We had a slight delay on the trip home and then the longest security line ever but he did awesome. 

It was fun to relax and hang out with Nae who had no more school!!! Whoo hoo!

I also LOVED snuggling Ruby every second I got. She's such a sweet baby!! Teddi let me take her into Walmart to get her ears pierced! It was SO fun especially since this might be my only opportunity. I got to hold her while Ted went off and got groceries. She did so good and didn't cry much at all. She looks so cute! I felt all tough because I've been through 4 circumcisions but it still broke my heart to see my little buddy crying! 

Afterwards we went and got pedicures with Janae for her graduation that night and she forgave me.

Graduations are always tough on the kids since we always leave around midnight and the parking is crazy. But my dad found a pillow and blanket in the car so Benson laid down and slept through most of it. I was surprised that the 2 hour time difference was exhausting! But it was fun to be there and Janae looked so pretty. We found out after it was over we could've had seats on the field right in front of the stage since Janae was Student Council VP. Thanks Nae.

I missed seeing Beau since she was in St. Johns for the week with Teddi's family! But I loved being with Gigi and of course, Ruby. My sweet little nieces- I just LOVE them! I totally fine never having a daughter if I can just spoil and love on them. 

I saw one of my very good friends from preschool to HS graduation- Petey Salazar. He's now a middle school math teacher and just an awesome guy. I haven't seen him since graduation so it was fun to catch up quickly. I also saw Kendra Bourguet which is always fun.

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