Friday, June 9, 2017

Arkansas Trip

Last weekend we took a quick Fri-Sun trip to Arkansas & Oklahoma for my cousin, Kallee's, wedding. I was kind of on the fence about going or not because of TJ's work and the 7 hour drive but I was SO glad we went!! It was such a great trip, the kids did AWESOME driving and it was SO good to see so many of my Wengert family. I told TJ that the trip there was probably the best drive with kids we've ever had. They did really, really good and it's amazing how much easier life is getting with these guys getting older. I stayed up til 2 am the night before packing, cleaning and finishing up homework and then we woke up at 4 am to get on the road. It was so nice to actually get to sleep and not have to entertain and take care of tiny babies! It actually made the trip quite easy. I loved meeting my parents and Tanner and Janae there. It was great being with them all weekend and how much my kids adore Tanner and Nae. 

We drove out to my Aunt Tammy's house in Arkansas- so beautiful!! It's far out and very secluded and on acres and acres of beautiful land with ponds for fishing. Their house is a 120+ years old and everything about it was just nostalgic and peaceful. They had a giant Magnolia tree that was amazing- the pictures don't even come close to doing it justice. Everyone was dying about the humidity but I thought it was just fine! I think we've adjusted to it all and becoming real Texans!

We also went to church at the local Poteau Branch- it was tiny! There were 68 people there and that included us and my parents, brother and sister. TJ subbed in nursery, haha and all the junior primary went to one Sunday School class and the senior went to another. They got excited when they saw us, hoping we were moving in :)

My grandpa and his red chili!!! He was protecting it from the rest of us because it was for the wedding ;)

Siblings- Trishell, Tracy, Tammy, Grandpa, my dad, Clayton, Delwin, & Wesley. Only Tondra and Terry (he's in Boliva on a humanitarian EFY with Jadee and Makayla) were missing. 

The siblings and their spouses. This picture made all of us tear up after we looked at it because you can see the giant gap where my Grandma Retha should be. Oh she would've loved being here with everyone!!!! I know she was looking down, just giddy with excitement seeing everyone together!

All the sibling and grandkids. I felt so proud to be apart of such good people! I was happy to be there and suddenly the effort of staying up all night and driving 7 hours with little kids was nothing. It was all so worth it. 

The whole group! We estimated this was about 1/2 of all the Wengerts total. From my family alone, only 3 out of 8 were there so it's amazing how big it looks yet we were still missing a lot of people!

Lots of late night talking in hotel rooms each night. Cambria was putting eyelashes on Janalee which meant they had to have an audience, of course. And pestering from the boys.

We met my parents at the Wal-Mart in Oklahoma once we got there and my kids were dirty, shoeless and some in pajamas. We fit RIGHT IN! :)

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