Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wrapping up the school year

Levi got to celebrate his summer birthday last week. He wore his birthday crown to sleep that night. He is very excited for July! 

Levi's Recent Sayings:

- "I'm ready to be a teenager because I love pizza. Ty's not cause he hasn't tried it yet. That's okay Ty." 

- About 10x a day I'll hear, "Are you kidding me??"

- Levi saw a picture of Beau as a baby and said, "Look how cute Gigi is!!" When I told him it was Beau he said, "Oh my goodness! They have the same front!"

- "Jackson E. is a weird guy but he's super funny. He should live in Austin cause that's where they keep things weird."

- In his prayer, "Please bless that we won't be scared on the last day of school when we have to leave Mrs. Sparks' class. And please bless that we can do things to say hi to her and see her again."

Last week we finished the Book of Mormon!!! We started reading a page a day back in August 2014 back when I heard a RS talk where a sister mentioned she would never send her kids out the door to school unless the BOM had been read. That hit me very powerfully and since then we try to never leave the house until after scripture reading (which we normally do during breakfast). We're bad on weekends and vacations, of course, but we've been very diligent during the last 3 school years, as we've inched our way through. We were all SUPER excited to have finished it finally and will celebrate as a family later this summer.

My friend, Lindsay Williamson, works in the school district and sent me this picture :) Fun to have friends in all different areas of my family's life.

Anniversary date to Buccee's on the way to the San Antonio airpot, before I flew off to AZ for Janae's graduation. Without fail, every single year for 8 years we've somehow been apart for our anniversary. It's just become a joke. 

While I was in AZ, TJ took Shad to his last day of speech preschool. It was Moana Day and he was beyond excited for it and for TJ to take him. TJ ended up having to go into work the morning of and raced back to get him there. I thought it was so sweet that TJ sacrificed so that Shaddie could be there for something that was insignificant yet important to him. 

Shad's Sayings:

"When I'm 18 I want a Rubble Paw Patrol birthday that's all yellow." He brings this up about everyday for the past two weeks. :)

After taking a long drink of soda, "Oh that's what I'm talking about!!"

Janae's new dog, Maybelle.

One of my very favorite pictures of my mom and dad. This was during their BYU years, I'm pretty sure so early 80's.

TJ took my place at Levi's Field Trip since I was gone and chaperoned Levi and Dub at the children's museum in New Braunfels. They had lots of fun and Levi was so excited to ride the school bus!! His first time ever!! ;)

My parents are on the Temple Open House committee and got a special tour through the new Tucson Temple last Sunday morning!! We are excited to go through the Open House next month.

We have a relaxing, fun Memorial Day. Lots of swimming, of course. Benson was going at it, just kicking his little legs everywhere! I was so impressed!

BANE! He would not leave this gross thing alone!

End of Year Awards Assembly!

The other day Ty said in his prayer, "Please bless that all the lifeboats around the world will have more lifeboats than the Titanic did." 

Apparently this open-mouth-smile is a kindergarten thing :)

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