Monday, May 8, 2017

Ty turns 7

This guy turned 7 last week on May 1st! Our kids get to pick a birthday party or to go out with Mom and Dad on a special date- this year Ty chose the date and I was super happy about that :) On Saturday April 29th, Carrie watched the three younger boys and Ty got us both for an entire afternoon. He was beyond excited. He first chose to go to Applebees for lunch and then Target to pick out a lego set. After that we set out for HEB to pick up his cake and then ended with Baskin Robbins to use his free b-day coupon. It was really fun to have one on one time with him- I'm convinced kids and parents need it. 


Afterwards we came home and had a little family birthday party and played with the new basketball hoop Gramma and Grandpa got him. He LOVES it- the perfect gift. He also got badly needed new Nikes, a Texas Longhorns basketball Build-a-Bear and a cool basketball from Gramma too. 

Since he real birthday was on a Monday, I saved one small present that had some shirts and a few books to open. He got to eat as many bowls of cereal as he wanted (Ty's dream) and I brought in his favorite cookies to his class. He couldn't have smiled bigger and his friends thought he was so cool :)

After school we got Sonic for Happy Hour, didn't have to do any dailies or practice the piano (!!! big deal!!), went swimming at the Bucket Pool that just opened and I even let them have McDonalds for dinner!!! (I hate Mickey D's and am very loyal to Chick fil A). They thought it was a crazy school night and so fun. The Stakers and Smiths met us at the pool so it was fun having friends with us to celebrate as well. 

At Ty's well-child check up he was:

47.4 lbs = 30th percentile for weight
3 feet, 10 inches =  25th percentile for height

Very healthy kid!! I love this age as they are trying to be big and helpful. I appreciate how hard he tries and enjoy having him around!

Last week was also Dallin's last day at the sheep farm- this place has been family and his second home for all these years. Seeing these pictures brought tears to my eyes!! So much of the accident is tied to this farm as well and it's just been a big part of their lives. End of an era since Dallin is graduating USU. It's also been such a big part of Clay's life too- his whole life!

Gramma's Mother's Day present :)

 TJ got home in time for me to just take Ty and Levi to Ty's late baseball game. Afterwards we did something completely out of the ordinary on a school night- went to Target to get a Star Wars shirt for the May the 4th Be With You holiday! They even got an iccee too. I'm telling you, what is getting into me!

Teacher Appreciation Week- since I'm the class mom for both boys' classes, I had to direct gifts and things all week long for both teachers. This was the final gift for Mrs. Sparks. All the parents donated the items and I went to their houses and put it all together. It's centered around three paper mache boxes from Hobby Lobby with wet wipes inside. For once, Pinterest did not fail me!

Merry is getting big!

Benson has had a few rough nights- teething I think. He fell asleep while drinking his beloved sippy around 4 pm. Poor lil guy!

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