Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Pool Opened!

  My cute sister-in-law, Emily, graduated from BYU in teaching! I love seeing my siblings accomplish such big things and wished we could've been there! 

After taking the boys to school every morning, Shad gets to watch cartoons fro a little while. This past month he's figured out that he likes to watch too. So funny to see them playing and interacting together. Benson is starting to say "mum", "bah" for ball, and signs all done. 

How Benson must drink his sippy every single time, every day. I'm just happy we graduated from me having to hold him!! Spoiled youngest baby!

The look he gives me when I tell him we have to get out of the car :) Such a little boy, wanting to drive.

Whenever we go into the boys' classrooms, Shad goes straight to the book section and just makes himself right at home.

Ty's class finished up a big module on farms and the first graders had a Farm Celebration for the parents to attend to show off all their projects and some stations to explore. I was pretty impressed! They use a lot of technology in the classroom and he presented a little slideshow video on goats (the farm animal he got to choose to do his projects on). He dressed up like a farmer with a cowboy hat on so that's why he has hair that doesn't look done :)

Ty is always so cute towards Shad. He puts his arm around him the whole time and takes him along to do all the activities. He holds his hand in the hallway and is just like a little momma duck. All his friends think Shad and Benson are so cute- it's funny to watch them and sweet of Ty.

Levi had an 8:30 am football game that got cancelled up in Austin so we stopped at Cabela's on the way home for fun. They boys were in heaven shooting the 50 cent interactive shooting range. They want to be hunters now. 

Levi earned 10 tickets so we squeezed in a quick 15 minutes date to Walmart- haha. This kid is seriously so easy to please. TJ sat out in the parking lot with everyone else and we ran in to buy a $4 pack of Pokemon cards and a drink. On the way out he saw the wanna-be Dippin Dots machine and I gave in and let him get one. He couldn't believe it and was just in shock I said yes to something I always say no to. :) This kid is awesome. The other day I made something for his kindergarten class end of year party (zoo keeper stuffed animal zoo) and his eyes got wide when he saw it and said, "I love you as much as I love THIS!!" :)

What the little boys' lives revolve around- games at the park. Benson's pucker face is so funny to me here. When Ty has to be 30 minutes early to his already hour and a half games, we drop him off and then go get a chick fil a drink to pass the time :)

Levi has a new-found love for tree climbing now. 

Ty earned 10 tickets and chose for me to bring lunch at school. He was on cloud nine and it's always a big deal who each kid gets to choose to bring up to the stage for lunch. Terrance is his best little school buddy. 

The pools finally opened around here! We've been counting down the days!! We've been going everyday and I'm excited for these boys to improve in their swim skills.

We got a cute photo bomb from Camri Staker- we sure are going to miss so many of our Kyle friends when we move!! :(

My sweet nieces!! I wish so bad we lived closer so our kids could play together more. But I feel like we do a pretty good job doing what we can to make our kids be friends :)

Beau- 3 years old
Gigi- 15 months old
Ruby- 2 weeks old

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