Saturday, May 13, 2017


Dallin, Jessie and Emily all graduated last week!! Of course, they all graduate the year after we leave Utah so it was a bummer not to be able to be there since everyone was there. But we're so proud of them and excited for their futures!

Dallin graduated with a degree in Animal Science and is going to retake some classes, the GRE and is applying to vet clinics around Utah to further his experience so he can re-apply to vet schools next year. 

Jessie accepted a teaching job at a high school in Brigham City. She'll be teaching biology and medical forensics while Sterling still commutes to Logan for school.

Emily will be teaching 4th grade at an elementary school in Logan while Derek continues school at Utah State.

Amy is due this month with baby boy #2!!! So exciting! 

Devin and Teddi loaded up their little girls and made the trip up! Everyone got to meet sweet Baby Ruby!

Wednesday we went down to San Antonio to look for houses! We drove all over, all day and finally found one before we had to be back to pick up Ty and Levi for school. These two were such troopers and did awesome!! Like I'm still shocked how they didn't even cry once and just listened to our Moana mix on Pandora the whole time :) So they earned an ice cream while we had a few minutes to kill before school pick up. This is Benson's cheese face- the first time I've seen him purposely smile and say some sort of version of cheeeese when I said to smile! haha. Oh and we found a house too!!! 

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