Monday, May 29, 2017

Field Day

The boys had K-2nd Field Day at their school so the little boys and I came to watch. They loved every event and had so much fun. All of their school friends are very used to Shad and Benson too and get so excited to see them, especially the girls. They'll just sit and stroke their heads while they look at them with looks of disgust. :) We have 3 days of school left now and we're getting sad to leave such a great school! The boys have had such a wonderful experience and I'm so glad we were lead here. I don't think Levi could've had a better kindergarten year with a better teacher or class. These boys will always remember their time as Negley NaviGators! 

I brought the boys back a U of A hat from my quick AZ trip and now they won't take them off even if they're a little big :)

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