Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wrapping up the school year

Levi got to celebrate his summer birthday last week. He wore his birthday crown to sleep that night. He is very excited for July! 

Levi's Recent Sayings:

- "I'm ready to be a teenager because I love pizza. Ty's not cause he hasn't tried it yet. That's okay Ty." 

- About 10x a day I'll hear, "Are you kidding me??"

- Levi saw a picture of Beau as a baby and said, "Look how cute Gigi is!!" When I told him it was Beau he said, "Oh my goodness! They have the same front!"

- "Jackson E. is a weird guy but he's super funny. He should live in Austin cause that's where they keep things weird."

- In his prayer, "Please bless that we won't be scared on the last day of school when we have to leave Mrs. Sparks' class. And please bless that we can do things to say hi to her and see her again."

Last week we finished the Book of Mormon!!! We started reading a page a day back in August 2014 back when I heard a RS talk where a sister mentioned she would never send her kids out the door to school unless the BOM had been read. That hit me very powerfully and since then we try to never leave the house until after scripture reading (which we normally do during breakfast). We're bad on weekends and vacations, of course, but we've been very diligent during the last 3 school years, as we've inched our way through. We were all SUPER excited to have finished it finally and will celebrate as a family later this summer.

My friend, Lindsay Williamson, works in the school district and sent me this picture :) Fun to have friends in all different areas of my family's life.

Anniversary date to Buccee's on the way to the San Antonio airpot, before I flew off to AZ for Janae's graduation. Without fail, every single year for 8 years we've somehow been apart for our anniversary. It's just become a joke. 

While I was in AZ, TJ took Shad to his last day of speech preschool. It was Moana Day and he was beyond excited for it and for TJ to take him. TJ ended up having to go into work the morning of and raced back to get him there. I thought it was so sweet that TJ sacrificed so that Shaddie could be there for something that was insignificant yet important to him. 

Shad's Sayings:

"When I'm 18 I want a Rubble Paw Patrol birthday that's all yellow." He brings this up about everyday for the past two weeks. :)

After taking a long drink of soda, "Oh that's what I'm talking about!!"

Janae's new dog, Maybelle.

One of my very favorite pictures of my mom and dad. This was during their BYU years, I'm pretty sure so early 80's.

TJ took my place at Levi's Field Trip since I was gone and chaperoned Levi and Dub at the children's museum in New Braunfels. They had lots of fun and Levi was so excited to ride the school bus!! His first time ever!! ;)

My parents are on the Temple Open House committee and got a special tour through the new Tucson Temple last Sunday morning!! We are excited to go through the Open House next month.

We have a relaxing, fun Memorial Day. Lots of swimming, of course. Benson was going at it, just kicking his little legs everywhere! I was so impressed!

BANE! He would not leave this gross thing alone!

End of Year Awards Assembly!

The other day Ty said in his prayer, "Please bless that all the lifeboats around the world will have more lifeboats than the Titanic did." 

Apparently this open-mouth-smile is a kindergarten thing :)

Monday, May 29, 2017

Field Day

The boys had K-2nd Field Day at their school so the little boys and I came to watch. They loved every event and had so much fun. All of their school friends are very used to Shad and Benson too and get so excited to see them, especially the girls. They'll just sit and stroke their heads while they look at them with looks of disgust. :) We have 3 days of school left now and we're getting sad to leave such a great school! The boys have had such a wonderful experience and I'm so glad we were lead here. I don't think Levi could've had a better kindergarten year with a better teacher or class. These boys will always remember their time as Negley NaviGators! 

I brought the boys back a U of A hat from my quick AZ trip and now they won't take them off even if they're a little big :)

Monday, May 22, 2017

Sick Shaddie

We've had a bit of a rough time with this kid- healthwise- for the majority of this month!! Starting on May 6, he had a fever almost non-stop for 13 days straight. It would be around the clock and hard to get down, only eventually come down with alternating Tylenol and Ibuprofen, and would hit hard. He would have fever/chills, decreased appetite, lethargy and sometimes nausea/vomiting. The temps would get up to 102-104 and burning to touch while being super clammy. After 4 days of this, it seemed to go away for almost a day but then came back after less than 24 hours. When I realized it came back and that it was at a 104, I was instantly sick to my stomach. I knew that this was not good since 5 days is the cutoff to being too long with fevers and it was so high. I've seen too many cancer kids come through the ER and in my mind I just knew that was it. All the symptoms pointed to leukemia and the rest of that day and night, I could not eat or sleep and just had this giant pit in my stomach that wouldn't go away. I laid awake all night wondering how we'd manage our lives with a kid in the hospital, the bills, what his prognosis would be- silly, I know, but that's how worried I was. My mom had just been released as seminary teacher after 4 years for no reason and it suddenly all made sense to me that that was the reason why. I was going to need her here to care for the rest of the boys while I dealt with Shad and chemo and treatments and a life turned upside down.

After getting bloodwork and xray, Shad earned a donut at the donut shop... with a drink. Big deal to get both. It was all he wanted when he was crying during the blood draw :). I could've cared less if he ate a dozen donuts since I had just found out my son didn't have leukemia!! Suddenly I didn't have a care in the world, I was so relieved!!! 

I took him in the next morning as soon as I could and the Dr and I both knew what we had to test for although we didn't say the word "leukemia". She ordered bloodwork and x-ray STAT to rule out leukemia and pneumonia. It was the worst 20 minutes just sitting and waiting and wondering. Dr. Edwards was the nicest, most sincere and caring doctor I've ever taken my kids to. She was amazing and her bedside manner was incredible. Just another tender mercy. I realized that that day was the most worried I've ever been about one of my kids in a medical sense. I tend to not overreact since I'm an ER nurse and it takes a lot to rattle us up when it comes to our kids. You have to be not breathing or bleeding out to get our attention. But this was serious stuff. 

As soon as the results came back, she walked in with a printout of his labs and said, "It's negative!!" She was as happy as I was. His CBC was all normal (except for low iron) and chest x-ray was cloudy was not infiltrated enough to be pneumonia. He was diagnosed with a severe respiratory viral infection and we were told to come back Sunday morning (this was Thursday) if he still had fevers. By Saturday, he had only had one fever spike and then by Sunday he didn't have one single fever and no meds (Happy Mother's Day to me!!!!!). 
However, by Monday it was BACK!!!! I was frustrated but not as worried since his bloodwork had looked so good a few days earlier. At this point I was more worried about the bills that would be coming in (our insurance isn't very good). But I took him back in Tuesday and Dr. Edwards diagnosed him with a sinus infection and started him on antibiotics. Two days after that he finally was fever FREE and has been since!!!!! I'm so grateful for such a good doctor to figure everything out!!! And beyond grateful to my Heavenly Father for the health our family has and often takes for granted. I don't know why leukemia wasn't our trial at this time but my heart goes out to those experiencing it. :(

 But in between all this we still had to do normal life and couldn't just sit at home waiting out the fevers for 2 weeks. When he was on meds he acted totally fine and normal but as soon as they would wear off he'd be down for the count. Plus I only medicated after the fever hit so I could see the trend and know if he was still febrile. He wasn't contagious since no one else got it so the poor kid sometimes had to suffer through things when we weren't at home. I took them swimming after school one day and I thought he was doing okay and forgot to take meds with me. He got a fever while we were there and fell asleep like this. He's a tough Shaddie!! It's hard being one of the younger ones.

Mother's Day was so nice this year because Ty and Levi were old enough to understand it and sincerely want to treat me extra special. They were SO sweet to me!!! They went with TJ to the store to get stuff for dinner and ended up using their own money to buy flowers for me. I LOVED all their cards and letters from school too. Apparently, I cook really good nachos and bacon :). I was still feeling so grateful that Shad didn't have a life threatening diagnosis so that added to my sentimental feelings towards these guys. TJ was so good and cooked and cleaned while I felt like a lazy bum- it was awesome!!!

And of course, skyping with Jordan was just the cherry on top. She's doing SO good and I'm so proud of her. She actually made me cry saying goodbye to her. I really do miss her so much but love hearing and seeing the person she is turning into. Nowhere I'd rather her be and such an example to my boys.


 Shad started his Speech Stars Preschool program at Carpenter Hill!!! It's the most amazing thing- a 2 hour preschool class just for kids with articulation problems! He goes Monday and Wed. from noon-2 pm and even would be bused there.... except the end of the school year is almost here. :( We'll only get to go for two weeks and then we're done. I just decided to drive him since I knew he'd be scared to go (yet another reason why I wish we got in sooner SO bad). The first day he cried so hard as I left him! The next day he screamed the entire car ride over since he knew where we were going. But once I left his teachers said he had a great day and did so well! Today when I took him he didn't cry at all!! I'm so proud of him and wish so bad we could've done this since he turned 3 in January!! It frustrates me so much at how long it takes to get services approved and up and running. I called for an evaluation the week of his birthday and it took until now to get services. And the worst thing of all- this program is exclusive to Hays CISD. Our new district, Northside (in San Antonio), only has drop in speech, like what I did for years with Ty and Levi. So he'll get the help he needs but I now need to find a preschool for him and have to hang out at the school for 30 min twice a week. Makes me so sad to leave such an amazing service. It'll be fine but just lame. And less convenient for me :) 

I did find a friend of a friend in our new ward and asked for preschool references so Shad is now on 2 waiting lists. I'm praying every day that he gets into one since we're behind in the game!!! One is an at-home preschool that run by a lady in the stake so I'm praying he gets into that one!

Benson and I went grocery shopping by ourselves when all 3 boys were in school. It was AWESOME!!!

Popsicle Party in Pajamas! FHE treat :)

Shad went on a Field Trip with some friends of the ward to HEB. They were so cute together! Poor Shaddie still wasn't feeling the greatest so he was right by my side the entire time. The big costume HEB Buddy came out and all the kids was too scared so the guy had to go change, haha. The kids were from the McCabe, Wright, Rigby and Smith families.

Benson's cheese smile. I thought he would take a nap on my back but nope, he had to be right with the kids the entire time. He doesn't want to miss out on one thing!! He's definitely a toddler now and not a baby at all.

Ty, Levi and I went to Reading Night at Negley- it was fun for us to enjoy it without the little boys! They each bought a book from the book fair with their own money, played Kahoot, and some other reading games. They are very proud of their classrooms too. It's so cute- Mrs. Sparks has her class divide into groups for group projects and then they have to present it to the rest of the class. Levi's group did a project on flamingos, complete with the info on their diet, habitat, and fun facts. So adorable watching them present!! And such good practice for such little kids. :)

Can't believe my babies are going to be in 1st and 2nd now!! That just seems like such a step up- no more little kids anymore!

Shaddie, Bens and I have been enjoying a weekly breakfast date to Chick-fil-A each Wednesday since they serve free breakfast that morning for the month of May. I love that Benson can play on his own on play places and playgrounds now so I just sit back while those two play together. It's the best. Plus, Chick-fil-A has my heart everytime. 

Benson wants to take his blankie everywhere we go- including the swimming pool!!! 

Levi had his Kinder End of the Year Program- cutest thing ever!!! They all dressed up as what they wanted to be when they grew up. Then they each went to the microphone to announce who they were and what they wanted to be. Levi was very excited about his Zookeeper costume. We made a little "zoo" he could carry around. He was beyond proud and wore his costume all weekend long.


The best teacher EVER!!!!!

Afterwards we went home to shower and change into jammies so that we could celebrate at Sonic with half price shakes after 8 pm (had to wait until after 8 to save a few bucks ;). I know, so unlike me on a school night!! The boys were beyond astonished we got to do something so out of the ordinary!! :) 

For some reason, Levi's reading ability has just come natural to him. He tested at the end of a first grade level for most of this year in reading. He's average with everything else. He did have to work on comprehension for a while but overall, has done phenomenal for his age. He loves to read, along with Ty, and would read for hours if I'd let him. At church, people are always coming up to me, astounded with his reading and I never know what to really say because it's not like I've worked with him or pushed him to excel. He honestly has just done it on his own, like Ty. I'm glad he loves it so much and it's kind fun to watch.

Some lady took these pictures of all the kids for the kinder celebration but I didn't want to pay $12 each for them so I just look one on my phone off the computer :) He's going through a weird stage where he doesn't want to show his teeth and when he does, it looks like a painful grimace. :) When I tell him to show his teeth he'll reach up and manually open his lips when his fingers, haha. 

This past weekend we filled in during a kickball tournament with the Kruzies/Germans/DelaRosas/Rigbys. It was intense and serious stuff!!! But it turned out to be a lot of fun and I really enjoyed doing something like that with TJ. We've never been able to since we've been married due to work/school so it was fun. Our kids, though, had the most fun! They played their hearts out and so fun to see them playing so hard with our good friends' kids. Ty stayed up at the park until midnight with me on Friday night, playing kickball with the older boys. He loved it and I was shocked he made it that long!! (Levi crashed at 10:30 pm :) AND Ty slept in until 8 am the next day!! That's a FIRST!!!! So successful overall!! 

It's so funny that my kids are old enough to get into elementary fads! These are fidget spinners. They used their allowance money to buy them from JT Rigby who was selling them :) We can't go anywhere without them and they are constantly spinning them on themselves and whatever is around them. 

I have a new nephew!!! Dallin and Amy's little baby boy came 2 weeks early!!!!

Emmett Jefferson Wengert

Thursday May 18, 2017

6 lbs, 10 oz; 19.5 inches

He's the exact replica of Clay- I love him!!!

Jordan got transferred into a Tongan branch and is now doing language study every day!!! She's still the Sister Training Leader and doing awesome. Love her emails every week!