Thursday, March 2, 2017

Australian Wengerts

This past weekend we finished up basketball season and Ty started baseball. I'm surprised at how much he loves baseball. He begged to play again even though he played in the fall. Levi has been dreaming of flag football so I found a league in South Austin- I'm hoping I didn't sign myself up for complete chaos with different sports in different areas. I love watching them play though and I love seeing them love sports. They've gained so much confidence in themselves so even if it is craziness until May, it's worth it. The thing that I find a tiny bit funny is that neither one wanted to play soccer, TJ's absolute passion. I actually strongly encouraged both of them to do so because it would've been way more convenient.  Poor Shaddie though, is begging to play soccer and I couldn't find a league that starts 3 year old. Maybe Shad will have to be TJ's only boy to follow in his footsteps. It'll be interesting to see what each kid gravitates to over the years. 

It was fun playing with Bennett German and having his dad coach. They were the Bulls.

This kid falls asleep anywhere- even a loud, noisy, gym with the buzzer going off constantly, on an uncomfortable bleacher.

My Valiant 11 girls- they are the best! The two boys didn't want to be pictured with all the "crazy girls" :) I brought the blanket to use in the lesson and they said they were all cold and needed to cuddle. :)

So CRAZY- Sunday night on Feb. 19th we had our first TORNADO warning. It was the worst storm I had ever been in. I'm glad I didn't realize the full severity of it because I would've been scared more than I was. I was exhausted and went to bed around 10:30 pm and TJ got a call from his building shortly after that about some water that had leaked from a bad storm that was moving up our way so was already up. I was out until 11:30 pm when my phone was blaring the emergency services alarm with this text message. I hardly read it because I was half asleep and missed the part that said "take shelter now." By now the wind was blowing like crazy and everything was super loud- like no way to sleep loud. Shad and Benson had already woken up and both were in our beds. The lightning was so blinding that even with our blinds closed, it lit up the room and was hard to look at. The thunder was so loud it sounded literally right outside our window. Ty and Levi kept sleeping upstairs- they did not wake up at all! Looking back now, we should've gotten them up and brought them downstairs!! I blame it on being a rookie with all these stuff. TJ said he was getting to ready to yank everything out of the stairs closet and have us all pile in there if it got any worse but holy cow, I don't know how it could've gotten worse without a real tornado ripping off our roof! By midnight it was dying down and by 12:15 it had all stopped except for a light rain. My friends immediately started texting and sent me pics of them with their kids piled in their bathtubs or closets. Then I realized how I should've gotten the older boys and we should've gotten in our closet!! Oops! Glad there wasn't a real tornado! But there were several that touched down in San Antonio and even an F1 close to our church in San Marcos!! When we moved here I thought we were too down south for much tornado activity but I was wrong! My Texas raised friends say this happens only about once a year which is good because I do NOT want to go through that again anytime soon. :) But I am grateful for our safety and our house still in one piece. 

We didn't have school the Monday of Pres. Day so TJ took the day off. We ventured up to Austin and saw Trolls at the dollar theater and tried some good food that we've heard about and took it to Chick-fil-A while the boys played. It turned out to be a good day and so nice to have a long weekend with TJ!!

Danielle, Carrie and I let the kids play together at the park about once a week and last week we were crazy enough to do dinner together since all the husbands were working. The sister missionaries came over too so it was pretty crazy. 8 kids under the age of 6, food everywhere, drinks spilling and I even broke one of Carrie's bowls!! But it was good memories and fun to be together. Shad and Nora still love each other. 
(Ty, Benson, Jackson, Nora, Levi, Ryleigh, Jackson, and Shad)

TJ went on a business trip to Dallas and went to the JFK memorial. The X that he's standing on it supposedly the exact place where he got shot. Someday I want to go there!! I love history.

Mrs. Sparks had parents come in first thing in the morning to help the kids make pillows for their teeth for the tooth fairy. I thought it was such a cute idea!! All week long they been talking about teeth and brushing so now Levi is very into it. 

He also decided that this week he wants to change his name to Lev. No more Levi. haha. He sent a video out to all his family telling them to call him Lev from now on. 

Ty got an award from Running Club for the Most Improved time for the 200 m within the kinder-2nd graders. He was so proud and I just love how much he loves running. And I'm not just saying this- I really think he is a runner. He's the fastest on his basketball and baseball team and he's strides are exactly how a runners are. TJ videoed him and put it in slow motion and each stride was long and precise. Maybe we're just being dumb parents but I really think he's a natural. It'll be interesting to see. 

I looked out from the kitchen to see all 5 of them intently watching a basketball game- it made me smile.  

My mom attended the funeral of our sweet friends, the Ludwigs. She sent me these pictures and I included them because they were such a huge part of our lives growing up. Amy helped me so much through high school and I just love seeing them now. 

Janae got this message from Lydia Wengert- one of Matthew's daughters and Freda's granddaughter! Jordan met with them and had a great meeting! On Jordan's email day we got lots of pictures and even some family records so I've been working on linking our families together!! It's SO exciting. I was waiting all week long to hear how it went. So amazing. 

Ty earned 10 tickets and TJ was home before he flew to Dallas for his business trip so Ty picked him to bring McDonalds to lunch. Shad tagged along and Ty invited his buddy, Terrance, to come eat up on the stage with him.

Between my two classes I had 2 big projects and an 11 page paper and an 8 page paper to write. It took all weekend and all day long Monday but once I was done, we celebrated with happy hour Sonic!! This was for classes NURS563 and NURS540. I'm SO glad I chose to double up on them!! I think it will really pay off and while it was intense, it was do-able, and now it's OVER! Just having one class each 8-week semester will be a easy. Now I only have 3 classes and my big capstone semester left!!

So proud of my little brother Tanner! Such a tribute- he's turning out to be such a great kid!

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