Thursday, March 23, 2017

Spring Break

Last week was Spring Break! 
All in all, it was such a nice, relaxing week to not have to wake up to alarms, stick to a schedule or have such long, full days. Monday was a play day where the kids just...played! Tuesday I watched my friend's kids while she was at Girl's Camp. Yes, Girl's Camp over Spring Break! Weird, huh? All the youth in our stake 14 and up got to go on this amazing Nauvoo trip during the week and so they planned Girl's Camp at the same time for just the ward's beehives! I've never heard of that before but that's what happened. Brittany Staker was in charge and they live just down the road from us. So it was fun to have Austin, Camri and Maiya with us. That night I spoke at their campfire devotional. Most of the girls are in my Valiant 11 class so it was fun to be with them. Benson was kind of sick and I didn't know what to do with him so I ended up just taking the 3 older boys to Carrie Smith's house to watch a movie and strapped Benson to my back. He was good almost the entire time until he got bored because I was standing still. Rhe-Anne Levanan took him and it was a tender mercy because he let her and didn't even cry. We have such a good ward. It's what I will miss the MOST when we move this summer. Seriously, such GOOD people. And I love my calling. :)

I LOVE it when my siblings send me pictures of my nieces and nephews! I wish they all would, all the time!!! Gigi and Beau are just the cutest. And then there's Levi..... what a crazy tongue that kid has. It's so TJ's. 

Poor Benson just has to go with the flow, all the time. Without having TJ around, he has to tag along with all the late baseball games, rain or shine. He slept almost this entire game even when it was raining. He's a pretty good sport, overall.

Last game Ty ran along side a player to tag the base instead of the player. When I explained to him that he could just tag the player to get him out instead of running to the base, he said he didn't want to hurt the kid with the ball so he chose to do the base instead. :)

It's been really fun working together with my family on all these Australian temple names!! We have SO many!! It's awesome. Last Saturday morning I went and it ended up being the exact same time as my parents and Tanner and Janae were at the Mesa Temple. Kind of cool!

My boys are obsessed with Bluebonnets!! This is our first Bluebonnet picture with many more to come.

Assembly line at the dentist office!! We have worked SUPER hard these past six months with flossing every night and NO cavities this time. I feel like I should win a prize or a medal or something!! Ty's x-rays were crazy because you could see the 2 top and 2 bottom teeth almost reaching the top- he's going to be losing so many teeth soon. Finally! All his little friends are losing them all the time and we haven't lost a single one yet so he's VERY excited. The bottom left one is finally wiggly too. He's trying to lose it by his birthday ;) Oh and the dentist said start saving for braces too. His bottom teeth are already starting to compete for space in his too-small mouth and one tooth looks like it's starting to come in behind the baby tooth because there's no room. Ugh. 

Oh and it's Spring Break- that's why the tacky shoes and it looks like Shad is wearing too short of shorts, ha.


These Staker kids are seriously the best kids. Austin and Camri are dream children. My kids just adore them. Ty and Levi look up to Austin (he's almost 12 and in my class) so much and want to be just like him. And he's so good and always plays with them at the playground when we're all there together, since they always beg him to play. Camri is the sweetest girl I've ever met. And Maiya is wild and crazy and fun and keeps us all on our toes!! 

Maiya is in love with Levi and lets it be known to the whole world. ;) And we think Levi likes Camri so there's a bit of drama sometimes. Last time we were at the park, Levi kept asking Camri to play but Maiya would get mad because she wanted Levi all to herself. So Camri would politely say no thank you. Then Levi would get sad. So then Camri would relent and play which would then make Maiya mad all over again. Carrie, Brittany and I were dying laughing. Sister drama over boys already!! 

Even though I had so much to do, these guys wanted to play Monopoly. So we got it out and we ended up having a FOUR hour game!! It was actually kind of fun and I enjoy having the older kids around. 

It was funny- just by adding one more kid to the mix, we got so many more stares and comments than normal. Maybe because Maiya makes her presence known :) She's so fun to have around, haha.

How Levi has been carrying Tigee around- inside his beanie in 80 degree weather. 

We planned an overnighter Wed-Thurs down in San Antonio to accomplish two things: finally get to see TJ's building that he's been at for 4 months and to check out Helotes to see if that's where we should move during the summer. We did accomplish those two things so it was good however, let's just say the rest was a total flop. ;) We drove down Wednesday morning and met TJ at his building- our first time to see it and meet everyone. But unexpectedly, state surveyors walked in to investigate a complaint from a patient's family. That meant TJ and his team were scrambling to prepare documents and answer their concerns. So we left and drove to Helotes to check it out. While driving there I was hating San Antonio- like hating. It is HUGE and everything about it screams big city. I am NOT a big city person. I was starting to think if we could somehow make it work to stay in Kyle because I was NOT living in SA. But once we made it out of the city boundaries and crossed into Helotes, I sighed a deep sigh of relief. Things started to spread out more and it was green and beautiful and small town. Then suddenly the LDS church was in front of me and I felt instant peace and like I was home. I know it was a tender mercy that Heavenly Father gave right to me. 

I didn't know where to go so I found a park for us to play in for a while. It was only 11 am and I didn't know what we could do all day long. Check in at our hotel was not until 3 pm. But then TJ texted me and said we could come back for lunch since they had prepared a potluck for TJ for administrator appreciation day or something. They all were SO nice and welcoming to us. It was great to meet them all and so many positive comments about TJ. We got to meet some of the residents and get a tour of his building. So that was definitely good. After that we left to go check into our hotel, go swimming and check out the little town of Helotes, to see if that's where we wanted to live. TJ was supposed to leave shortly after us but got held up. Once I got to our hotel it wasn't ready yet so we had to go to the Burger King across the street to wait for it. The kids played and Levi ended up leaving his favorite there. Later I went back and climbed up the entire dumb play place looking for it. It took me like 10 minutes inside the small, gross, dirty tube thingy and still didn't find it. Anyways, we eventually got inside our hotel room and the boys wanted to go swimming. Well it was overcast and cold so they only swam in the hot tub. So then we went to drive over to Helotes. 
After LOTS of traffic and and even more crying from Benson, we arrived and really, really liked it. We would've liked it more if Bens hadn't been crying the whole time (I think he was teething?? And he hates his rear-facing carseat?? Who knows). We looked at some areas and then ate dinner at a small little local burger shop. While there TJ realized there were problems at his building from the state surveyors and he had to go back. We cancelled our plans for the next day, which was Six Flags and me going to the temple to do initiatories for names I need to get done in the morning, so the boys and I came home early. They loved it because I let them watch 2 hours of Disney Jr. on the hotel TV in the morning and ate Texas shaped waffles at the continental breakfast. However, another tender mercy- at the last minute I loaded up the pack n play. Best decision ever. We so needed it and at least we all slept well that night. So even though it was a bust, we accomplished our two main reasons and made it home alive and well! Someday all of TJ's hard work will PAY OFF! Life is good! ;)

Ty- 6 1/2 
Levi- 5 1/2
Shad- 3
Benson- 1

We walked across the street to Cracker Barrel to kill time before bedtime. One year olds are NOT a good fit for this store ;)

A Bucc-ee's stop for the way home AND they got to pick out a treat. This made their trip.

St. Patrick's Day was boring since it was over Spring Break. But that day TJ took them to see Lego Batman movie while I got to go grocery shopping with only ONE kid!! 

Levi was watching college basketball with TJ and asked, "Do they get treats after their game?"

Ty's prayers usually consist of "Please bless the travelers on the land, sea and air." And by usually I mean always. :) He also said something last week that made me cover my mouth so I wouldn't laugh out loud, "Please bless people all around the world that they won't watch too much TV." :)

This is a typical dinner conversation at our house by Ty: 
Ty: "Mom, Chick-fil-A started in 1964. Did you know that that was the same year that Martin Luther King Jr. won the Nobel Prize?"
"Did you know Tiger Woods won the national championship at the age of 21? His nickname is Tiger because he's fearless."
Levi: "21?? That's incredible. That is just so young!"
Ty: "Yep, it's true. That's why he's fearless."

Levi said, "Mom, take a picture of us because we are so cute."

For the past year, Levi has been begging me to play football. Most leagues don't start until 6 or 7, plus with moving it's been hard to find a league. So I did some research and found a league in South Austin for 5 year olds. He has been counting down the days. Literally. Even though it takes 40 minutes there and is during traffic it was worth it because he was SO happy and excited. And is actually learning a lot. Benson has been really sick so it was hard to load him up but there was no way to miss his first practice. He's the cutest little quarterback I ever saw at least. 

This kid. Man, just when I thought he was getting easier he gets sick or a tooth starts digging it's way out! Isn't that the life of a baby?? On Monday he had 12!!! watery diarrhea diapers all day long and each one required a bath because he was so red and hurting. He also was throwing up and had a fever. So basically he was miserable. Shad was sick too so it was an awful day. Like the worst in a long time. I wanted to call TJ or fly my mom here. :) He finally started getting lethargic so I loaded everyone up and went to the store to get Pedialyte. I grabbed a sippy off the shelf and opened it all right there and gave it to him and he gulped it all down so fast. After that he perked right up but he kind of scared me for a while! Kids go downhill so fast! Made me grateful for the modern day and age we live in. Kids died from dehydration so easy back in the pioneer days. But he's starting to feel better and is getting back to his crazy, sweet self!

Benson turned 15 months! 

Weight: 25 lbs, 3 oz = 82 percentile
Length: 32 in = 79 percentile
Head Circ: 48 cm = 81 percentile

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