Thursday, March 9, 2017

Negley Races

The boys' school had a 5k/3k/1k fundraiser to raise money to build a track at the elementary school. Levi's teacher offered her home to the kids in her class that didn't want to run so we dropped him off there and Ty and I ran it together with TJ and the double stroller behind us. It was a lot of fun and even better to do it with a handful of our ward friends. Ty ran SO hard!! I was so proud of him! Our goal was to run the whole thing and not stop. I thought I'd have to push him to keep going but he pushed me! The lame thing was that the category was 10 and under in the 3K so that meant there was a lot of kids. I wished they would've done smaller age categories. Ty got 25th out of all the 3K racers, 21st out of all males, and 14th in the 10 and under division. He ran it in 17:02. He tried so hard to win a medal but funny enough, I won 1st place in the 30-35 category so I gave him mine and he was happy. TJ did awesome too- that stroller, plus the boys, are heavy!!! 

Shad had an audiologist appointment to test his hearing for his speech evaluation. It was pretty cool because she put him in a soundproof room with lots of cool gadgets. 

 These crazy Target boys. Bens likes to hold his popcorn like this for easy access.

Western Day at school to celebrate Texas Independence Day.

Round #4 with these Woody boots- I'm shocked they are still in one piece. Bens loves them as much as the others boys did at 1 years old.

Levi says when Abraham Lincoln was young, this was his favorite way to read books so this is how he does it now. 

The 1st graders dressed up as a Dr. Seuss character of their choice to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday. This was my pinterest-copy-cat costume that I put together with stuff around the house and the $1 bag from the Target dollar aisle. 

Ty has started baseball season again and loves it. Their hats haven't come in yet but he looks so cute all decked out in his gear.

More race pictures:

Brittany won 3rd and I won 1st in our age- we both felt kind of silly getting our dumb medals! ha! Ty and Camri lucked out!

My mom sent me this pictures of Molly taking care of a brand new baby goat that my dad did a C-section on! The twin died and this one passed away a few hours later. But my mom said Molls was such a good little mommy nurse to it! 

Sometimes I wish we were just a tiny bit closer so we could be there for little events. This was before Janae and Tanner's piano ensemble performance. Janae celebrated her 12th year in the ensemble!! And cute Teddi is due to have this baby any day now!!! We are so excited!! And Beau and Gigi kill me- we all know I'm a sucker for matching little kids!!! I just love them!!

And seriously?? Can Teddi come dress my kids if I ever have a girl?? Beau wouldn't smile- this is the best Janae could get ;)

Dub (yes, that's his nickname that he goes by) is in Levi's class and on Ty's baseball team. He's a good little buddy.

Levi was SO excited about us going to his Art Show. I wasn't sure what to expect but knew we had to go since it was a big deal to him. So we had a "Field Trip Family Night" to go see Levi's painted rock that was displayed with art from all the elementary, middle and high schools in all of Hays CISD, haha. But he was beyond proud and afterwards I took them to Chick-fil-A for dinner, which is very uncharacteristically of me on a school night. So they all said it was the best family night EVER. And of course, we got all the looks whenever I go somewhere by myself with all the kids and Benson strapped to my back. There's always the inevitable "all-boys" comments too.

Ben's favorite game- climb up to get the straws out of the pantry, dump them out and stick them through the openings in the fridge.

Never can get a normal picture of this one!

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