Thursday, March 30, 2017

Lost a Tooth

Last weekend this kid got 10 tickets and I convinced him to go see Beauty and the Beast with me since I've been dying to see it!! He was a good sport about it and actually liked it! I LOVED it. Felt like I was reliving my childhood. So awesome. Afterward he got to stop at the gas station and pick a treat since we didn't have time beforehand because we were rushing from getting our taxes or- or trying to- but that's another story...

Usually I feel pretty in control when we're in public. The kids are (usually) somewhat normal, civilized human beings and with the older boys in school, we don't have to go out that much with all 4. Well, taxes got started off rough with TJ being late and the lady doing them running late too. During them the kids are fighting, crying, wanting our phones to watch shows (mostly Shad and definitely Benson), and wanting candy the front lady is handing out. I'm on the phone trying to get a few more numbers that we need to plug in to get everything done. Suddenly Benson pukes everywhere since I had given him a Capri Sun in desperation and he had sucked in a ton of air. I look around at the chaos and for once, I'm pretty embarrassed!!!! The lady was so nice about it though and we ended up leaving without it finished and will go back later. Oh man!!!

Levi likes to leave books for his stuffed animals to read while he's at school all day. :)

 He also scored a touchdown at his first football game. It was awesome. It was also a crazy sports Saturday with TJ and I dividing and conquering and lots of drinking back and forth. I have a feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg all of that.

It was actually freezing at Levi's game!!

Ty had opening ceremonies with his team.

The beginning of the dreaded bunny ears....

Benson's first dentist appointment. He wasn't a fan. 

Nice Target tags sticking out :)

Levi was counting down the days until Mrs. Sparks' birthday. The parents all did a "We love you bunches" theme and brought gifts in bunches. Good ol' Pinterest helped out once again.

His scrunchy nose smile is my favorite. 

Ty at his awards assembly. I felt bad- I missed Levi's because no one told me he was getting one. He didn't care so it's not a big deal. But they are just so cute up there and get so excited over their little awards. 

Ty has had a loose tooth for the past two weeks or so but I was still surprised when I picked him up from school with it gone!! He's been waiting and waiting to join the tooth fairy club for so long! It has seemed like he's the only one that hasn't lost anything yet so he was super excited. He said he just wiggled it at school and it just came out. He came home with the tooth in a cute little tooth necklace that he got from the nurse. He's hoping to get 12 five dollar bills- haha. 

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