Monday, February 6, 2017

Waco Girls Trip and Random

A week ago Saturday I drove up to Waco to meet some ER friends from Utah!! Oddly enough, Ashton Woolley and Nesha Burrows both moved to Dallas area around the same time we moved here. So Kelly Smith, Heather Johnson, Casey Neeley, and Annalee Ashby flew out to visit them for a girls' trip. I couldn't resist meeting them and hanging out for the day. It was so great and I was so glad I went! I was hesitant at first but I realized I need a break every once in awhile with TJ being gone all week. I hate to miss spending time with him but it's the only way for me to stay sane. Also, during the entire 8 years I lived in Utah, I had a hard time relating to women in my wards. No one really understood what it meant to be a working mom and how hard it was- and so incredibly tiring- working nights. These girls got it because they were working right along side with me. I just love these girls and all our late night talks as we're striving to be good wives, moms, nurses, fulfill callings and everything else life demands. The 8 years I worked at Utah Valley Hospital are defined by the friendships I made there. That place was my second home and will always mean a lot ot me. It's how I met TJ, where two of my babies were born and SO many memories are connected to it. So these girls mean so much to me and I'm so glad I got to get away and just hang out! :)

So many laughs and good times with these ladies! Waco's "most eligible bachelor" kept following us all day, trying to get us to pay the $70 bus tour. :)

Benson's new trick is to climb on the bunk bed. He thinks he's so big and squeals and laughs to get our attention. He's starting to climb a lot of things!!

We had some more car problems this past week. On the morning that TJ was supposed to take his national exam for his licensing, he went out to find the car dead. That entire day we scrambled to figure out how to get him to Austin and back for his exam and how to get the car fixed, especially with it not moving. With the help of my visiting teacher's husband, Brother Persinger, TJ took his 3 hour test (and PASSED!!! Such a HUGE relief and so proud of him!) and came home just fine. We were so happy that he passed (he didn't think he would because he hadn't studied enough with things being so busy at work) that the car seemed to be a minor problem. He is now Troy Hendriksen, MBA, MHA, LNHA (Licensed Nursing Home Administrator). Yay!! One good thing about his car breaking down is that we got to have a lunch date at Chuy's! With him being gone all week and away it's always so nice to spend a little extra time together, even if it's with two little boys tagging along! Benson loved the ice cream treat at Chuy's but kept trying to suck on the bottom like a straw. :)

The next day he was stuck here because his car was dead. Ty and Levi decided to bless the car that it would start in morning family prayer. Levi said it so matter-of-factly and they went out and drove away to school! I was shocked!! They called me SO excited that they had enough faith and that Heavenly Father had answered their prayers. They then said a prayer of gratitude right then and there. It was adorable and so humbling because that car was totally running on their pure faith- not mine. I didn't think it would start. I was so grateful to Heavenly Father for answering their prayers to teach them such a powerful lesson! 

Yesterday I bore my testimony about the power of prayer since I've been so touched by recent events and then Ty decided to he wanted to bear his! I was surprised but told him if he wanted to do it he had to go up by himself. I thought that would be the end of it but nope, he waited a few minutes and then went right up there and sat on the pew, waiting for the sister to finish. He got up, read Mosiah 2:17 and said how he'd like to bear his testimony on service and that the church is true and that there's a prophet on the earth. It was his new year resolution to do it and I thought it'd take all year long for him to get the courage to so. I think the Holy Ghost prompting me to hear my testimony today was for him. I was very proud of him and how he truly spoke from the heart. 

Chinese New Years! It was wear red day in kinder so Levi wanted his hair sprayed red. :) They made dragons and had a parade down the halls. So cute!

Nora always calls Shad, "My Shad!" They are so cute together.

Mrs. Sparks, Levi's kindergarten teacher, came to his game! She is so amazing! She says her goal is to come to one game in the fall and one in the spring. Levi was beyond excited she came to watch. They also had an awesome assist this game. Levi passed it to Ty and Ty shot and made a basket! Tj got it on his phone, which was so lucky!

I got an Eurgobaby carrier- this thing is life-changing. I wish I would've gotten it right at the beginning with Ty. Benson LOVES it and is so content with it. I wear it daily and often multiple times a day. He's so cute, when I get him in it, I swing him on my back and he lays his little head on my back while I pull it up. He totally knows what's going on. So often, I'll feel his little head lay on my back as I walk. It's adorable and has made grocery shopping and errands 10x better. It's $150 brand new and I got it on eBay for $35!! Worth every penny!

Benson seriously LOVES his brothers. He is always running to them, wrestling them and wanting to be right with them. When he wakes up before Shad during afternoon naps, he just lays by the door, trying to open it and wanting Shad to come out. He'll often just reach out to them all for hugs and kisses. It's adorable and I'm so glad we just hurried up and had him. Shad would be such the third wheel and I'm so glad these two have each other. 

On January 30th, my cousin, Nathan Wengert, sent me this:

Today marks 185 years since our family's first conversion to the church. Shadrach Roundy was baptised in Kirtland, Ohio by apostle William E. McLellin in 1832. Shadrach had gone to Kirtland to meet Joseph Smith earlier that month from Spafford, after a missionary named Jared Carer had passed through there on January 15th. Shad and his Spafford buddies had had a first copy BOM since early April 1830 that was left by Solomon Chamberlain on his way back to Palmyra after a short mission.
So a guy studying the BOM by itself for almost two years, followed up with some time spent with a prophet, is what got this whole Mormon thing going with us. 

I was so touched by this and grateful for the sacrifices of those who have gone before us. 

Two weeks ago I went to the temple and I was so uplifted by it because I got a lot of work done for two ancestors I had found. Their baptisms and confirmations were done while I did an endowment and then I was able to do the initiatory for them. It was awesome and sometimes it's nice to be at a small temple- no waiting! I went to the 7:30 am session and as I was walking towards the front to leave, the light was streaming through the stained glass windows, creating a halo effect all around. There were people in white clothing smiling and talking quietly while walking very purposefully and quickly. It was very busy and full. In front of me was the baptismal font, super busy with people everywhere and baptisms being performed. The entire sight just took me aback and I was brought to tears because I felt as if I were staring into the Spirit World. Busy, righteous people working diligently on the Lord's work of salvation. I felt so touched to be a tiny part in it and grateful I made the effort of waking up at 5:45 am on a Saturday morning to be there. 

Our new table!!! I'm SO in love with it!! I just stare at it all day! It came with our living room set but they couldn't deliver it until now. We have been without a kitchen table for 9 months so this is like such a treat to us. And so beautiful! I love it! I love being able to decorate around it and have holiday decorations too. I love holidays but I've never had anything nice to do much with so I love it. 

I wrote this in my weekly email to Jordan: 
This week our internet went out. And you can imagine how with my classes I cannot afford to lose one day due to no internet. I have 2 classes right now too- I'm doubling up- so it's crazy especially with TJ gone all week. Anyways, the next day it came back but it still wasn't working. By the time it was night I was SO frustrated and TJ was even going to drive down from San Antonio to fix it. Well I finally knelt down and said a direct prayer. I got up and walked over to the modem and internet box thingy. I felt the distinct impression to move one cord over to another plug and boom- it was fixed. Direct inspiration. I was so humbled and touched that he answered my prayers so quickly. If it's important to us it's important to Him. 


Benson has stolen Waddles the Penguin from Ty Ty because he LOVES this little thing!! He carries it all day long, from store to store and has to eat and sleep with it. I have to wash him every other day because he gets so dirty. I've never seen a little baby love something so much that wasn't a baby item. It's so funny to me! His second favorite is Levi's beanie boo that's a raccoon. But only those two. No other stuffed animal comes close. He's always holding him and snuggling him. 

It was a school fundraiser at Taco Cabana's the other night. Benson and Shad just love rice and beans. They could eat it everyday. Benson thinks he can feed himself too.

The Hendriksen family got this on a group text from Ginger and Curtiss that made me gasp out loud- so unexpected!! I LOVE IT! They have Parker, 5, Lawson, 3 and Cade who is 1 and four days older than Benson. She just announced she's due in August with a girl!! She had gallbladder problems back in the beginning of December and found out then but didn't tell anyone!! They were shocked and were thinking about being done with just the 3 boys! They paid $$ to do blood work to find out early what the gender is so that's how they know it's a girl so early on. This made my day and made me so happy. I just love this little girl already. 

Last thought for the day- about two weeks ago TJ grabbed me out of Primary and told me they needed help in RS. The Bishop, who is a Family Medicine Dr, was kneeling beside a sister in the ward who was on the ground. She had a syncopal episode and chest pain, numbness/tingling to her face and arm and a few other symptoms. She's only 27 and has three kids all under the age of 2. They are the neatest family. Her husband, Phlatt, is a big black guy that is the nicest guy you'll ever meet. He's our home teacher and just a good guy. They were clearing out the RS and I wasn't sure if I should go in there or not but something pushed me forward so I did, and I kneeled by her side. I held her hand and covered her with people's jackets to keep her warm. I assisted the bishop who was busy taking vitals and asking questions but really, I didn't do much. I just told her I am an ER nurse that's why I'm here. As the bishop, who can come across as a little stern and gruff, was asking question after question, she would look to me to answer them. I was the one who she told that she was cold and scared and was embarrassed, not the doctor. We got her stable and then EMS took her away to the ER. I helped with her adorable half-black kids- I say that because I'm obsessed and want one!!!- and just snuggled her 6 month baby girl. Oh she's SO CUTE!! Anyways, it just hit me how nurses truly are the one who the patients turn to and need. They are the ones who voice their concerns and fears and not just clinical/physical problems. I was touched and grateful for the reminder of how much I love my career and I'm glad I'm working on something towards it since I can't actually work right now. 

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I love this post Tara! Your faith is amazing and I love your nurse story! You're so sweet you are the best nurse ever! I miss you all!