Sunday, February 19, 2017

Lots of Little Boys

Benson cheering on his brothers at their basketball game. With Waddles, of course. Poor Waddles gets so filthy at the end of everyday. I wash him as much as I can but it's tough because Bens doesn't want to let go of him for a second. 

Maybe if Benson was my first child I would feed him myself but... yeah. He's seriously the messiest eater! He does really well with a spoon and fork though! He likes to sit in his high chair with his feet pressing against it, haha. 

We usually find a stuffed animal or two in our bed. 

Well, now it's not just Waddles- he has to carry around his blanket too. And by carry that means wrapped around his shoulders and once it falls off he screams for it to be fixed, all day long!! This was on a day that a tooth was breaking through so it was kind of a rough day!

We live next to Nathan who goes to Negley with Ty. His little brother Jackson fits right into the mix so it's fun for these guys and a lot of little boys running around the back of our houses. Hardly any cars come through so it's nice that they can just play. They love trading Pokemon cards, riding bikes and shooting baskets.

Shad's Sayings:

"I want eleventeen!"

"Shad, did you have any Paw Patrol dreams?" "No, I save it for the night."

"Do you need to go potty?" "No, I'll go tomorrow at 6 o'clock after we get the boys from school."

He says all the time- "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" And then we have to compare to see if it's the same ;)

For the last few months instead of answering with "yes"or "okay" he says, "I will!" to everything!

My friend, Brittany Staker, shared this on her Instagram feed- it touched me SO much. I don't know why it hit me so hard that Heavenly Father is literally my Dad cheering me on. 

I told Shad to help Benson smile, haha. He looks like a weird alien baby! Not cute but pretty funny!

Spoiled kid- if his sippy doesn't have a handle, he won't hold it. He's definitely the youngest. He is in total heaven though when I sit and hold him while he drinks. He cuddles Waddles and plays with my shirt or hair. 

I came into the living room and found Shad reading to Benson. 

The other night I sat and held Benson for a while and read books to Shaddie. Normally I just put him to bed while I read to Shad but that night I just wanted to savor him. He's turning into a little boy and becoming a full on toddler. He seriously isn't a baby anymore. He's imitating the older boys, understands what I say and has opinions and wants. He slowly just fell asleep on my lap and I just snuggled him. So nice to just slow down and pause for a while. I'm trying to enjoy these babies while I can but need to do it more! Shaddie loves playing on my snapchat- I hardly use it but keep it on my phone for him every once in awhile.  That's why this picture is with such a nice filter- how I dream of my skin being after the resurrection!! ;)

Jackson Ploeger hung out with us on Friday. They played so well together all day long! It was good for Shaddie to have a buddy. I tease TJ that he didn't give me dark babies even though he's half Colombian so I have to borrow the dark kids when I can. ;)

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Unknown said...

This is a great read, thank you! I'm attending Alt for my first time this year and I was so excited to see you will be there, I'm a big fan/follower of your blog and IG! Your boys are beautiful. I have 2 boy all around the same ages. I'll introduce myself if there is an opportunity in a Palm Springs!

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