Friday, February 17, 2017

100 Days

For the 100th Day of School, Levi dressed up like an old man. He was so funny about it- he was excited but weirded out by it too. I had to wipe off most of the face paint and mustache and take out the blanket for his belly. He just kept saying, "I look freaky." As I was driving him to school he got super apprehensive and I ended up having to walk him into school instead of the carpool drop off lane :) I'm glad I did though because his teacher looked so good- she's so fun! The kids all looked so cute and once we got there, he was totally fine. 

I still use the bumbo to get ready in the morning. Never used it so long for any of my babies! He just has to be as close to me as possible at all times! It really is getting better but he is my most clingiest baby.

Shad told me he was trying to match his hands to his shirt so he colored them. 

I had to drive out to east Austin to do an interview with a lady who runs an Equine Therapy ranch. I know, long story, but it's for my holistic healings class that was focusing on complementary and alternative modalities and therapies. Shaddie sure had fun being there and the lady was so nice. It made me long for land and space and to be out in a small town!! Hopefully some day!

Shaddie and Annabelle Horton get creative to entertain themselves every week during Ty and Levi's hour long basketball practice. 

Levi earned 10 tickets and chose for me to bring him Panda Express for lunch and eat with him at school. He was beyond excited!! Part of it was because he thought I was coming on a different day and didn't take his lunch or buy lunch because he was waiting for me. He sat there waiting during all of lunch and then started to cry once I didn't come!! I felt bad! His teacher called me and I ran a lunch over to him and told him we would do it the very next day :) Panda Express fixes everything! He told me, "Mom, just come to the cafeteria and wait for me and make sure you stand outside the door so that I can see you from far away and I can come running to you to hug you."

We got heart attacked one night by the Beehives in our ward. Shaddie was so excited (he goes to bed later than everyone else because he still naps during the day). It was so cute because they used forks to stick the hearts in the ground. He thought it was so crazy to have forks stuck all over our yard. Several of the beehives are in my Valiant 11 class so I was so touched they thought of me! I seriously love my primary class! They are the best kids!

Lots of comments about how much he enjoyed his chocolate donut at the grocery store :)

One of the members in our ward, the DelaRosa's, own a bounce house place and hosted a ward party there. The kids loved it, all 4 of them and had a blast with the ward kids. We seriously have the BEST ward!! We'll be SO sad to leave in the summer but keep praying that somehow we'll find a way to stay and not have to move!! We love Plum Creek Ward in the Kyle Texas Stake!

Maiya is in love with Levi- it's SO funny to watch them! They play so well together since she tells him what to do and he totally listens and follows!! haha!  Brittany and I are already planning their wedding ;)

Levi's Sayings:
"Did you know I that I get really distracted by Benson's cuteness?"

He saw a friend from school and I asked him who it was. He said, "Oh just Lucy (while rolling his eyes) she's always trying to tickle me."

"Merry (the guinea pig) loves her Dr. Pepper--- doh!! I mean GREEN pepper! I always get mixed up!"

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