Thursday, January 5, 2017

Winter Break

We had such a good winter break from school. At first it was a little crazy and I thought how am I going to make it for so long, ha! But then we settled into a routine, got lots done and it flew by. It was really good to have all the boys home together. I can't even count the number of times a day I heard, "Four boys!" "Are they all yours?" over and over and over! 

I loved how my parent's Christmas card turned out. Looks so good and the family looks so big! Crazy to think there's still two little babies coming soon!

It was really nice for TJ to take the day after Christmas off. He's not around much so it was a nice day. We got Christmas all put away (I'm one of those), relaxed and had a family night at the park. Benson LOVES his new little car stroller. He's happy in it! Levi was excited to take Merry on her first walk on her leash. She hated that thing! haha. But she looks pretty cute in it and he was happy and proud as can be.

 I find Levi just sitting by her cage watching her all the time. He just loves her, crazy hair and all.

The boys slide down the stairs every time they come down. It's as if it's the normal way to go now. Ty is crazy fast on it. 
Recently Ty has been saying, "That's very delightful!" He thinks the stairs are super delightful.

I officially have a Texas Nursing license! It took several weeks and I had to go to Austin for finger prints and background test, pay money and even had to take an exam about Texas nursing laws and stuff! But I got it! Hopefully I can start using it later on this year...

Levi's Sayings:
- "Mom, you make the greatest food." Heart melted.

- When I showed them a house we were looking to lease, he said, "Wow! That is beautiful!"

- I let them watch Fiddler on the Roof one Sunday because that was a movie we were allowed to watch on Sundays (along with The Sound of Music) while growing up. The next day I heard him singing the Matchmaker song while he was putting away laundry.

- "Just to let you know, it tastes 4% weird but 100% good."

- "I will always love you, Momma." Heart melted again.

- "I need my jeanglers (Wranglers)."

-"China is very busy. They make lots of stuff for us."

- "Your hair is PERFECT, Nae!" to Janae when she woke up with total bedhead.

- While talking to Ty, "I'm really good at cutting with scissors. Let me show you my skills. See! Look at my skills!! I'm perfect at this!"

Horrible picture but it's just in a frame on my dresser from back in the day. It's been TEN YEARS since I graduated from nursing school with these ladies!! They all had a profound impact on my  life and I'm grateful for them. We all did it together and can't believe it's been so long ago! I'm grateful for a career that has blessed our lives so immensely. 

Benson is a fan of Chick-fil-A sauce...

During the break I had to deliver Christmas gifts to each of the kids in my Valiant 11 class. Then with the start of the new year I delivered a little welcome treat to each of them before class started. This meant a lot of driving in the car with me running in and out- about 20 different houses all over Kyle, San Marcos and Buda in two days. These boys were champs so we went Chick-fil-A for lunch in between stops to let them eat and play. After that we had the wrong address for an apartment we needed to go to so I texted a few people to get the right address. While we waiting for responses we went to Cabela's since it was close by. The boys still love going to that place and Ty kept laughing at himself because he remembers the last time he went there with Giant Steps preschool, he was scared to death of the animals. :)

Shad's Sayings:

- He likes to run away and yell, "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!"

- He loves to look at the Book of Mormon picture book and while turning the pages he'll say, "Oh no, Mom, they are wicked again! Come on guys! Be righteous!!"

-"Mom you say hurry up all the time. You like to say that."

This girl!!! We sure miss our Beau Beau! And all our other cousins. I just love it when I get a text with a picture from one of them!

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