Saturday, January 7, 2017

Wengerts come to Texas

Over New Years, my parents, Tanner and Janae came out to Texas for the first time! They earned the title as our first visitors!! It was a quick trip but it was such a good one!! We packed a lot in the 3 days they were here and it was awesome. They left Friday night at 6:30 pm after Janae's basketball game and were going to go as far as they could- well, they went all the way and walked into our house at 8 am!! I couldn't believe it! My dad took a little nap but for the most part, was fine!! So crazy but it was fun to have a full Saturday day with them. 

Selfishly, this was the first time in the 10 years that I left Arizona for good, that they've come to visit me and only me. While in Utah there as always other family there to see and spend time with, which is great and we loved it. But it was almost weird to have them here and no one else to go visit! It was kinda awesome!!!

On Saturday they helped us empty the rest of our apartment out which was a HUGE help. I spend the entire week before slowly taking one big van load a day with all 4 kids. It was crazy. Ty and Levi's chore for the day was to watch Benson and help him not scream so loud as I would take 20 million loads back and forth from the 3rd floor down to our van in the parking lot. But we got everything out and now the only thing left to do is clean before our lease is up! Anyways, we also ate at The Salt Lick, gave them a good HEB experience and then watched Civil War at home. The Salt Lick was sooooo good this time around- we were starving- and we tried all the meats this time around. Seriously, such good food. I wouldn't be surprised if it's literally the best BBQ in Texas. 

Had to get the classic picture by the BBQ pit holding a rack of ribs!

My boys just LOVE Janae and Tanner. They worship the ground they walk on. It's so fun having them around and how much help they are. They always want Janae to hold or snuggle them. And with Tanner they are always fighting or wrestling or punching him. They both just go with it and are so sweet to them all. I seriously have the best siblings. 

Since Grandpa is the "most real cowboy" they know, they like to wear their Wranglers and boots whenever he's around. Ty is growing and looking so tall lately! 

We stopped at Buc'ees twice on Monday because everyone loved it so much! And we had to drive two cars and of course, the older 3 had to ride in Grandpa's car. Andddd of course walk out of the gas station holding treats and drinks. These guys get SO spoiled with grandparents!!!!

Benson has done a lot of growing up ever since he turned one. We've overcome TWO major obstacles and I'm so happy that neither one was as bad as I thought it would be! He now sleeps 12 hours a night in his pack n play!!! We got into some bad habits during our apartment time since the rooms were all so close to each other. It was just survival mode, really. But now since we have real bedrooms and his room is on the second floor, it's 10x better. I was able to sleep train him in about 2 days- I thought it'd be so much harder and longer. About two weeks after that I threw the bottles away- cold turkey- and switched to sippies! He now holds the dumb thing all by himself and no more holding it like he's a newborn!! And he hardly noticed the difference. With Shad and Ty, they went 24-48 hours without drinking any milk because they refused the sippy and just wanted their bottle, ha! So even though Bens is a tricky baby he's been easy with the two thing I've been dreading to work on. It's made a HUGE difference and I'm grateful for such a tender mercy.  

On Monday we went to Buc'ees, The Alamo and walked the Riverwalk. After we headed over to Six Flags, spent the rest of the day there, stopped at Rudy's parking lot to say hi to my dad's cousin Rashell (Schmidt) King with sleeping kids in the car, and got dinner at Buc'ees on the way home. Oh and we also ran into HEB to get some HEB brand apricot jam that Teddi loves. Definitely a very Texas-filled day! It was awesome though! At first we weren't sure if Six Flags was too much and it was dumb it was only open from noon-7pm but I'm so glad we did! It was so fun and we all loved it. They were having a special and a season pass was cheaper than the day pass so me, TJ, Ty and Levi also have season passes now! This was our Christmas present from my parents. It was supposed to be to Sea World- the original plan- but it was closed for the month of January. Anyways, it was a great day but we were all exhausted! They drove back Tuesday the next day. 

There's this weird wax museum across from the Alamo. This dinosaur moved and growled. Bens could care less. Notice good ol' Tigee still goes everywhere we go. 

Texas has been ruled under 6 different flags- Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the Confederate flag and the USA. It has very interesting history.

Shad was the only one that woke up when we were at Buc'ees at 10 pm at night. He was the lucky one that got to come in and get dinner with us. Best gas station dinner ever!

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