Monday, January 23, 2017

The 3 year old

Shad was not excited to go to the doctor's for his well-child check up and was not impressive with the gown he got to wear. There weren't any tears just no smiles and was not impressed by anything :) 

Height: 36.5 inches = 25th percentile
Weight: 30 lbs, 2 oz = 33rd percentile

I didn't realize but he's turned into a little bit of smaller kid! I'm so grateful for such a healthy kid. Speech might be our only issue and even then, he's way better than how Ty and Lev sounded at his age. 

Benson sure enjoyed the homemade mac and cheese for lunch today. He kept rubbing his eyes and the food got completely all in his eye and eyelashes. He kept laughing and smiling at me with tears running down his face because the food in his eyes made them water- crazy kid!!

I've started putting gel in his hair! 
Now I have 3 boys to do hair with- ahhh! Shad's hair won't do anything. It just sticks straight out so that's why his hair is shaved. TJ thinks Benson has the same hair as Levi- very fine and not a whole lot. Ty is the only one with full, thick, super fast growing hair so far! That kid has the hair AND the eyelashes- no fair!

Shad and Benson both LOVE the chair my mom got him for his b-day. They FIGHT over it all day long! This is the first thing they've ever fought over... so it begins!

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