Monday, January 9, 2017

Six Flags

Six Flags was pretty awesome! I got to be a teenager again and ran around with Tanner and Janae all after riding roller coasters. My mom went with us on the Superman one and then got sick and was done for the day. We finally convinced TJ to ride our favorite one as the last ride before it closed. But other than that it was just us 3! I really, really enjoyed the time with them- it doesn't happen often so I'm glad they didn't mind an old, frumpy sister being a third wheel. Well, actually, Tan was the designated third wheel because Nae and I have the power walk down to get between rides fast! ;) 

The boys enjoyed Grandma's spoiling and got treats and prizes and got to play the games that cost money. They played hard and were OUT within minutes of getting into the car. It really was a fun day and I'm grateful to my parents for making it so.

Ty discovered a new love for salted pretzels. This kid loves SALT!

(Shad had a little issue with getting to the bathroom in time so that's why he's wearing jammies :)

Had to take teenager selfies as we were waiting in line :) Janae and I got so hot we had to change into our $5 Texas shirts so we were matching. 

The Batman ride was being fixed when we got there. Tan kept an eye on it and as soon as they were doing test rides on it they got in line for it. Even though it seems to be a fairly risky adventure going on the first rides after things are "fixed" they texted me and I joined them right at the front, just in time. It was crazy- the whole seat swivels and spins completely around while speeding so fast, up and down!

TJ and Janae each did a soccer and basketball game to score points. 

This baby was surprisingly perfect!!?? I think that happens when I'm not around. He just sat in the stroller or wagon watching people or the kids. He fell asleep and took a long nap and then woke up and kept on watching. Not sure why he chooses to do this when I'm not there...

The protective, big brother. 
My mom said she sent them to wait in line by themselves and she told Ty to watch them. He takes things very seriously :)

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