Sunday, January 22, 2017

Happy Birthday Shaddie!

On Saturday, our Shaddie turned 3! 

The day before, I took him and Benson to a little Toddler Time trampoline place up in Austin. They both loved it and jumped to their little hearts content! It wasn't very busy so it was nice to just sit back and watch them play. Shaddie kept saying, "this is my favorite place ever!!" 
Saturday night after his little family birthday party and presents and a busy day I asked him what his favorite part was. He said it was the trampoline place. So I'm glad made the drive up there since he loved it so much! Afterwards I let him choose somewhere to get lunch and of course, he picked McDonalds. I despise that place and couldn't convince him to go to Chick-fil-A instead, haha. But it was his birthday so he ate every bite of his happy meal and played on the playplace. Afterwards we went home and they took naps until we had to pick up the boys from school. Not a bad little birthday date, as he called it :)

Benson and Shad already love to wrestle all the time!!

 McDonalds and HEB- his two favorite places!

The morning on his birthday, TJ took only him out to breakfast at IHOP. He was beyond excited to get to go on a breakfast date with dad. TJ said he was just so happy and giddy and ate every single bite of his waffle. :) 

After his breakfast date, just me and Shaddie went to HEB for some groceries, to the dollar store to pick out 3 balloons for his party and then redbox for a birthday movie. Once again, he was so happy to be on a date with mom, no matter what we're doing. Plus, I love how easy it is with just one kid!!

Birthday Boy! Ty and Levi wore the same shirt too :)

Back when Ty was turning 3 and Levi was turning 2, I had planned a little combined birthday party at Hee Haw Farms, which was their favorite little animal farm place. I was doing it in June, right in the middle of both of their birthdays. I had invitations sent out and all this cute farm animal birthday supply stuff ready to go. Well, Dallin's accident happened and there was no way I was going to do a birthday party the week after he was lying in a coma so I cancelled it. Since then I've had this big box of birthday supplies to use. I convinced Shaddie to have an E-I-E-I-O birthday and finally got to use it! It sounds dumb but just looking at it brings back such a mix of emotions- memories from Ty and Levi being so little/hard/fun/exhausting/adorable and feelings of horror/dread/peace/miracles/tender mercies from Dallin's accident. Funny how little things like that can evoke such tender feelings :)

He LOVES Paw Patrol and PJ Masks (Disney cartoon).

Gramma sent a Pottery Barn kids' chair with his name on it!! I've been wanting one of them since Ty was a baby but they are so expensive. Shad LOVES it! He's been sitting in it non-stop and it's the perfect size. It's so cute!

When we were singing Happy Birthday to him he couldn't stop smiling and kept giggling. It was actually quite adorable. He loved the attention and special recognition. 

Gekko from PJ Masks! In the cartoon 3 little kids fight crime at night in their pajamas. 

After cake and ice cream and presents, the boys watched Pets, a new redbox movie- since VidAngel is getting sued and their movies aren't available :( We're hoping so bad they win! Anyways, he watched in his chair so comfy. Ty and Levi were so excited for his birthday- it's so cute how supportive they are of their little brothers. After his little party and movie, Ty and Levi had their first basketball game and after that we got dinner to celebrate at Taco Cabanas. It actually was a great day together and really fun. It's so nice to have TJ home on weekends!!

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