Thursday, January 19, 2017


We've had some great weather lately here in Texas. It's soooo nice to just let the kids play outside while I read or study for my classes. I'm taking two classes during these next 7 weeks instead of just the one so it's a little crazy! But I think it'll be worth it later on in the fall when I can just focus on my capstone class before graduation!!! Whoo hooo!! 

The boys love to push Benzy around in his car. And he'll just sit there for forever, not moving an inch. He feels big and involved. 

Ty and Levi started basketball at the San Marcos Rec Center. It's pretty awesome because they are on the same team since it's 5-6 year olds. Danny German is their coach since Bennett is playing too. A bunch of other ward members are at the gym for their kids' practice too so it's fun. They get so sweaty!!

Levi brought home Spot the Kindergarten Dog and now we get to take pictures with him everywhere we go for the next week. If you know Levi, he has a thing for stuffed animals so he's loving every second he has with Spot. :)

We had a Family Home Evening to set goals. Levi's was to write smaller letters, read the entire book of Enos in the Book of Mormon, start the Piano (we started at the beginning of January) and to learn to ride his bike. 
Ty's goals are to be poliet (i.e. to stop grabbing himself like boys like to do!!!), play a song in Primary while the kids sing, finish the Book of Mormon (he's been reading it already for the past year and says he's in Helaman??) learn to tie his shoes and bear his testimony in church. 

My goals are to loose the last 15 lbs and get into the 120's (I'm on a whole30 as I type this!!), graduate with my Master's in Dec. 2017 and walk so the kids can see, only kneeling down prayers (I've gotten bad at saying them laying down, snuggling with a kid), finish reading Jesus the Christ, go to the temple once a month (it's harder with it being in San Antonio- an hour away), and do not loose my patience and yell. I get a red X in my planner everyday that I don't loose it. Once I get 30 red X's I get to go get a pedicure. :)

This kid and sleeping!! I just don't get it!! He's regressed and sleeps in our bed every single night. And for all naps now too. Part of it is that three is a crowd and none of the boys want to be on the top bunk by themselves. Also, I don't want Shad to wake up crying in the night and wake up Benson since I've worked so hard to sleep train him (he sleeps an awesome 12 hours straight and that is precious to me). Another thing is that TJ is gone all week so I really don't mind having a sleeping buddy next to me in our big king size bed. So, basically- I don't stop it and let him sleep there. 

Butttt.... to make up for it, this kid will come up and tell me when he's tired, either at night or right before bedtime. I'll ask him if he wants to lay down and he'll say yes. I then go tuck him in. He'll play for about 20 minutes or less and then simply roll over and sleep. It's amazing. Seriously, he's done this for the past 6 months. He literally stops playing to come tell me he needs to nap and then willingly goes and lays down. This is probably the most strangest awesome thing any of my kids have done! Leave it to Shaddie to be the one! ;)

Ty and Shad have these amazing eyelashes that come from my mom's side of the family! I used to have them until I had kids :( It's always crazy to see BOYS have such long eyelashes!! 

So last Monday I get a call from TJ to tell me his car got broken into!!! It was caught on surveillance cameras but it's too far away and took a total of 3 minutes.  The guy took all of TJ's work clothes in a suitcase that he packed for the week and a bag full of groceries I packed him! His work pants, socks, basketball shorts, shirts, garments, 4 ironed worked shirts hanging up, belt, toiletries, shoes and a towel! He had to come home that night to repack and go shopping to replace everything, take the car into be fixed by the insurance, get a rental car- all that fun stuff. It was a pretty crazy thing and actually, really funny to me. Just a funny little bump in the road!

On Monday we didn't' have school for MLK Day and I wanted to do something fun but didn't want to spend a lot of money for it. After deciding against going to the movies, we have a pretend movie theater at home with popcorn, candy, and soda even! The boys thought it was awesome and we had a relaxing day at home.

This nice Target worker gave Shad and Bens empty Target gift cards when Benson was freaking out over not being able to hold my credit card when I was trying to pay. It was so nice of him! Shad kept saying, "I just LOVE this! This is my FAVORITE!" He then wanted to take a picture of it and since I hardly take pics of myself, we took one together. 

Shaddie loves to be a "burrito baby" in a blanket. :)

This crazy kid! I gave him a haircut for his birthday weekend and realized how short a 1 really is. There should be a 1.5 or something??! Or hopefully this kid has normal hair someday that lays flat instead of a giant poof ball. Seriously, the only option is to keep shaving it!

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