Sunday, January 22, 2017

Chicago Bulls

This boys started basketball at the San Marcos Rec Center and it's the best because they are on the same team- my life is SO easy right now!!! ;) Plus they both love it and I think it'll be a really good season for them. They had their first game on Saturday and I was actually impressed because they had a real ref for the game, music blasting, announced the team on the loudspeaker and called out the starting players. It was pretty cute! They are the Bulls and think it's awesome that they are on Michael Jordan's team. 

They think they look AWESOME with their sweat bands and I have to keep adjusting it to fix their Yoda ears :)

Ty is actually doing really well!! He's already made so much progress from last year and is taking shots at the game and dribbling (we'll work on keeping the ball lower while dribbling later ;). He's gaining a lot more confidence in his skills already which I love seeing in my kids. 

These little boys are already bored being at the game... this is gonna be a great season!!! ;) At least TJ is here for the games on Saturdays. I just have to survive a 5:30 practice every Tuesday. But again, it's only ONE practice since they are on the same team. It's amazing!

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