Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Baby for sale!!

This kid is no longer content to sit in the cart and watch, especially when the boys look at toys at Target. He's all. over. the place.

The last day of winter break we headed up to Austin to the state capital. I had heard it's pretty neat place to visit so we went to check it out. Ty and Lev love history so they wanted to go. We went on a tour which was very informative. The boys think Davy Crockett is so awesome. 

 Davy Crockett

Everywhere I go to buy sippy cups, the pink ones are either way cheaper than the boy ones or they only have pink, girly ones! So I just gave in and we now have several girl sippy cups. That might be the only way we own anything pink around here ;)

Last Friday night Shaddie and I spontaneously went on a date to the gas station to get a drink and a treat. Then we came home and watched Toy Story 3. He was beyond excited- it was so cute. It was the night before I was starting another round of Whole30 so I lived dangerously, I know.

Dinner at Buc-ee's- we are high class!! Best gas station food ever!

Poor Shaddie was so sick Sunday and Monday. We made it through the weekend but by Monday we seriously needed groceries and I had started Whole30 so I needed real food. I gave him medicine and on the way over he fell asleep in the van. So I just transferred him over, found whatever I could find in the van to sleep on and he slept the entire time. Easiest grocery trip ever, poor kid!! Then we came back home and he stayed asleep and slept 3 more hours!!!

Benson LOVES free samples- he was licking the carton and was covered in sauce :)

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