Thursday, December 15, 2016

Santa & Jammies

One of my very favorite pics- I never would've dreamed that someday I'd have 4 little boys. FOUR! 

New Braunfels had a free little Festival of Trees and a lady in our stake set it up so went to get in our Santa visit. The 3 older boys were so excited. Shaddie was talking non-stop about it until we got in line... then he changed his mind big time! Ha! He was whimpering and I had the older boys go talk to him first. Then when I made the two babies sit on his lap- he lost it. Funny how this is his first year crying and he's almost 3. So our stats when down this year, only 2 for 4! haha.

Now Shad says, "I loooooove Christmas but I do not like Santa's lap."

Ty- 6.5 years
Levi- 5.5 years
Shad- almost 3 years
Benson- almost 1 

We opened up our Christmas jammies for Family Night so we could get lots of use out of them all month long. Poor Ty had the flu here but I made him take pictures still. 

The real life pictures :)

Our Christmas card for 2016

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