Saturday, December 10, 2016

Rocky Point- Part 2

If you're 2 and your parents aren't watching and you stare at the fruit guy's cart long enough, they'll give you a free slice of watermelon and you'll be super proud of yourselves! ;)

These styrofoam kites were the best thing we bought there- my boys LOVED them! It was the perfect windy day for them and they played with them all day long. It was awesome and so fun to watch them running all over the beach with them. Plus I love buying stuff from the locals every time we go- their faces always light up and I feel like in a teeny, tiny way, I'm helping put food on their table that day. They are so poor and my heart hurts imagining a life of selling things on the beach, day after day, hoping for a good selling day. :(

My boys always find new friends. This was the son of the man who went renting the jet skis from. They were flying their kites together- it was cute.

At this restaurant, it was late and the kids were going crazy. There was a lot of us and we were kind of a funny sight. But all the Mexicans just sat and stared at us. Like didn't try to hide it, flat out sit-and-eat-your-food-and-watch-us staring. It was quite funny. Apparently we were their entertainment. By this point, I was seriously missing TJ. Benson wouldn't let anyone hold him and I was kinda done with him. But we all survived and I still love him and it's all good! :) 

There was a lot of interesting pictures on this wall- hahaha. Some were a little crude, like a super fat lady in a thong bikini getting pinched on the bum by a crab, and Levi kept staring. He said, "I just can't get that out of my brain!!"

Baby for sale.... only 50 cents.....

The boys' first time on a jet ski!! I was surprised Ty got on but even more surprised how much he loved it! They both loved it even though it was kinda cold and lots of salty water in your face. They loved going fast- a lot faster than I thought they would. (Don't look at my fat legs....)

We went to a fancy store that was like Wal-mart. My dad and Devin went crazy over all the shoes there for $15. We were there forever and the kids were everywhere- we were quite the sight!

We exchanged Secret Sib presents- Devin loves his tarantula shirt I got him! haha

Teddi's beautiful Thanksgiving pies! My mom was insistent we have a real Thanksgiving dinner while we were down there. Cute Ted is 24 weeks pregnant here with baby #3- we can't wait to know if it's a boy or girl #3!!

Scandalous Emily ;)

The cousins got matching Frozen jammies in honor of Beau's obsession. The adults got matching Olaf ones ;)

Our best attempt of a cousin's picture. Gigi's jammies didn't come in in time either so this is a sad looking picutre, haha.

I loved going to the branch there. Even though I didn't understand much, the Spirit was strong and the people were so kind and welcoming. It was packed too which always touches me too. Then we loaded and drove home. Bens had a rough drive which only added to it all- he was a HARD kid this trip!!!

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