Sunday, December 4, 2016

Rocky Point- Part 1

Sorry for the overload Rocky Point pics but we were gone for 10 days so I have a lot of pictures!! It's taking me awhile to go through them all but there's a lot of good ones :)

We had such a great trip!!! We had three 1st floor condos that we split between us all and just enjoyed 4 days there! We got there Thanksgiving day afternoon and left Sunday mid-morning after church. Some days were warmer and sunny but Saturday was cloudy and cooler all day. The only bad part of the trip was that the flu went through all of us! Each day it was someone different! It was awful!! Luckily the boys and I got our turn over with earlier, when we were still in Rocky Point and no one actually threw up. Poor Emily and Derek got it pretty bad- I felt so bad for them! But other than that, it was AWESOME! My boys loved the beach and the water and just played for forever. It was tricky without TJ though. I definitely missed him every second of the day! Benson was just super clingy and wanted to be held most of it so that's what made it so hard. We also didn't have a room, we just hung out in the living room so our suitcases and stuff was everywhere and it was tricky with sleeping. But after a really bad night the first night, the 3 older boys slept in my parent's condo on a blow-up mattress and it was a million times better. I have so many childhood memories coming here so it was neat to pass those onto my kids. Next time will be better because TJ will be there and the kids will all be a little bit older. I also won't forget our passports and birth certificates so TJ doesn't have to spend $35 to overnight them!!!

Shaddie still loves Derek so much from when he lived with us last summer- so cute!

I love these drinks!! The pineapple wasn't too ripe this trip but when it is ripe- oh man!!

The first night there we ate at this chicken place- oh man, it was amazing. My favorite place there, hands down. I would travel all the way down there right now just to eat there again. All it was was just grilled chicken, beans, rice and tortillas- super simple- but the best chicken I've ever eaten and best beans too. Amazing. And so cheap. Everyone loved it.

Shad's "bad guy" face.

These boys loved the pool-side drinks at the swim up bar. They thought they were so cool. 

The kids pool was freeeeezing cold. I told the boys I'd give them a dollar if they'd go down the slide. They did except I had to get in the pool to catch them, haha. They get nervous with stuff like that. Well, I got in and while I could barely catch my breath it was so cold they went down over and over again so it was worth it. Good thing the hot tube was right next to it! We mainly swam in the hot tub the whole time!

The kids loved playing football with Tanner. Tan's been on Varsity this year as a freshman so the boys think he's pretty amazing- which he is!!

We exchanged secret cousin gifts. Next year will be exciting because there will finally be enough cousins that one of my boys won't have a sibling! Teddi is due next March and Amy announced this trip that she's due the end of May!! Yay for two new little cousins!! It's so fun when it's someone other than me! ;)

The Elsa doll that I 'red mixer'-ed. I went all the way up to the manager to get it for the price I saw online. It was normally $27 and I got it for $14. Yep, still proud of that. My first time buying a DOLL!! It was so fun!! 

Shopping at the dirt mall. Of course the boys wanted everything they saw. :)

The first night the older three boys slept at my parent's condo, Benson and I woke up to see the sun was rising. We went out to watch it and snuggle. It was beautiful and so nice just to sit there with him and enjoy the beauty of the earth. 

The night before I was thinking more of why did I come because I finally woke up by morning on the floor with Shad and Benson wanting to be- literally- on me, all night long. And the pull out bed on the couch just wasn't working, especially with all the sick people using the bathroom all night. haha, oh the memories!

Also, one thing that was pretty funny is that easy condo had super big sliding glass doors. When we first got there, I had to take Levi to the bathroom but the rest of the group went into the room. Everyone said it was hilarious because Ty walked straight into the door, followed right by Clay. Both smacked it loudly and as they are laughing/seeing if they're okay they tell Shad to be careful- right as he walks straight into it too. Bam, bam, bam, right in a row! The funny thing was that my dad smacked into it too the next day and Ty did again on the last day we were there- HARD. He had a big red bump from it! haha. We purposely made the windows dirty so everyone could realize the door was NOT open, ha!

We were laughing so much at these boys- before we left for RP and were loading up at the house, these boys were playing George Washington and Thomas Edison on the trailer. They were using the umbrella to push back the troops?? I think they got the idea from watching the Living Scripture Heroes DVDs that my mom has that no one has ever watched before because we called them the boring ones- haha! My kids are such nerds! The biggest treat to them is when my mom takes them to Bookmans to pick out a few new books and get an Eegee on the way home!

Playin Spike Ball. Ty likes to get in with whatever the adults are playing. It's funny to watch him and everyone is so nice to let him and help him.

Amy and I both got a massage on the beach. It was pretty awesome and so worth the $20. The only problem is that I'd had this awful cold for 3 weeks now and my nose was constantly running, haha. I was trying so hard not to sniff it up so the lady wouldn't be grossed out. But other than that, pretty relaxing!

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