Thursday, December 1, 2016

Marana Trip

So for Thanksgiving this year, all of my siblings were getting together at my parents since Christmas is the in-laws turn. Somehow it turned into a Rocky Point trip and we planned on going. But...about 2 weeks before TJ found out he was getting his own building and done with training suddenly and there was no way he could leave for a week. That meant I had to drive 16 hours alone by myself to Mexico. I was determined to do it because I grew up going to Rocky Point and LOVE it. Plus I knew the boys would have so much fun and they had an entire week off of school. We hadn't been back since 2012 and I didn't want to spend a week off at home, alone with all the kids at home doing nothing. Well, my wonderful parents were so worried about me making the trip by myself (especially with a crying, needy baby that likes to be held by me- and only me- all. the.time) that they gave me their frequent flier miles and flew us out to AZ. I was SO touched and grateful and thankful. Even though flying with kids is a whole different sort of hardness I was absolutely giddy not having to drive for 2 days! I'm so blessed to have such giving, selfless parents who still take care of me and are such an example to me. Hopefully everything that TJ and I are doing will all pay off and we can be as generous and kind to give back to others someday. 

Overall, the kids did awesome!! It could've been so much worse/harder/nightmare :) We had 4 flights total and Benson slept on every single one of them at least half the time. Shad slept on two. One was a super late one and I had packed mini pillows into their suitcases- that was a lifesaver and by the time we were in the air all 4 were asleep. I even took a nap holding Bens! It was awesome!!!! Ty and Levi helped so much and did well sitting by themselves too. I can't even describe how thankful I was to be flying and not driving. Even though we missed Monday and Tuesday of school because flights were incredibly much cheaper and we were gone 10 days and we spent an entire day airport traveling, it was so worth it. Poor TJ missed us but he got a lot done and worked tons of hours! He even had Thanksgiving dinner with his boss, Andy Ashton- so nice!

And yes, we got many stares and comments of "you've got your hands full" and "they're ALL boys??" but everyone was nice and helpful and understanding.

At the Houston airport we got to ride a train between the terminals and the boys thought it was beyond cool, even if it was 9 pm. 

The amazing treehouse my Dad has been working so hard on! The boys were in love with it- they made a Kuzins Klub. It's just missing the ladder and slide. They played so much in it still.

Grandkids are a little exhausting!! ;) Plus we got in at midnight once we flew into Phoenix and made it to Marana.

Ty thought it was super cool to ride in Janae's jeep.

My Beau Beau- 2.5 years old
The cutest thing in the world is to hear her say, "Auntie Tawa!"

 Gigi and Benson- 10 days apart

Benson turned 11 months old!!! He didn't even notice when I switched from formula to whole milk- it was great. He took his first steps on this trip to Mexico!! It's so funny to watch him stand up and balance with his little toes gripping the floor with a death grip. He's taking little steps all around, here and there but not full on walking just yet. Only 2 teeth still. Crawls at turbo speed.

I was helping my mom cook and was next to him while he was sitting here on the table. Took a while before I realized he was eating the butter.

I gotta admit- I love the Benzy boy to death but man! was he HARD on this trip!!!! He would only want ME 24/7 and would scream/cry if I set him down or if anyone else held him. I think he didn't feel good for a few days too so that didn't help. But I was exhausted each day after literally, having him on my body for the entire day long. It was a great trip but I REALLY missed TJ. Benson also made me content with 4 kids and no. more. EVER. haha. Not really but seriously, I'm good for a while. I seem to just have tricky babies. I should be used to it by now. :)

I realized the boys had never seen cotton so we walked down to the field across the street. Cotton is everywhere in Marana and to me, it's home. The boys thought it was pretty cool. 

Our lovely little entourage crossing the road and walking down the street. haha. It was hilarious, we looked back and realized we left a kid in a stroller on the clinic parking lot. It was Shaddie just sitting there, patiently waiting until someone remembered. We laughed so hard. 

My good childhood friend, Amy Ludwig Nuzman, was in town at the same time and she stopped by the house with her little family. It was so good to see them!!! I never did get a good picture of all our kids together like I intended. She's due with baby #4 in January and she'll have 4 kids under 4.... ahhh!! She's awesome!

The newest animal at my parent's house- a mini pony named Snowball. Levi was the only one that would ride her.

At Janae's basketball game

Benzy and The Gig

The lucky car I got to be in on the drive to Mexico.... Not pictured is Benson beside me and Tanner and my parents driving. The DVD got stuck in the player so that meant Madagascar 3 four times in a row......

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