Saturday, December 10, 2016

Last of AZ

Look how much progress has been made on the Tucson Temple!!! I assume they're working on the inside now since the outside looks almost done.

We stopped by with the kids the day after we got home from RP since we didn't fly out until the next day. It was pretty chilly that day but Beau decided she didn't want to wear a shirt that day. We tried everything all day but she refused!! Her tiny body was covered with goosebumps, haha. Crazy kid!! She's so funny!! Teddi said it wasn't worth the battle since she'd tantrum over it for 2 hours if we made her. I finally got her to tie it around her shoulders so people wouldn't think we were crazy in Costco. :)

We stopped by our old white house at 1311 W. Marana Rd. It's abandoned now so we looked inside- it was a crazy trip down memory lane. I have SO many childhood memories there. It was bittersweet seeing it so run down. What surprised me the most was how smaller the entire house seemed. I remember it being HUGE and now I realized it really wasn't as big as I thought. This was the house that Santa set up the trampoline in Christmas morning and we kept it up for a month, jumping and touching the roof. Countless memories like that. I loved seeing it again!

How it looked in 1991 when we moved there. We lived there from 1991 to 1995.

My mom fixed up my room so cute! It was sad to see it all destroyed and ruined. 

Beau finally fell asleep with her shirts around her.

 During this trip we took a picture with each of the letters MERRY CHRISTMAS JORDY to send to her on her mission in Australia. 

When we got home, my Aunt Tondra called and said she was in town. It also happened to be her 50th birthday. So we scrambled stuff together and threw her a little birthday party. She's my dad's sister. 

The next day, Tuesday Nov. 29th, we traveled home!! We had been gone 10 days and we were ready to get back to TJ and back to our normal life. We left Marana at 8 am and got home to Kyle at 8 pm- we had 12 hours of traveling and overall, the boys did GREAT! I was so grateful they did so well. We flew from Phoenix to Denver and had a 2.5 layover where we got lunch, bathroom break, changed babies from jammies and all that. It was perfect timing. Then we flew home to Austin. Somehow I got lucky and Bens slept on each flight. I also gave in and purchased the movie channels for the 3 older boys with the free earbuds they gave out- worth every penny. They were silent the entire time, on both 2 hour flight. It was so nice to be home though! We had a wonderful trip- it was awesome but I hope that's the last time to go solo without TJ, at least with little babies! I am still so grateful to my parents for flying us- there would've been no way we could've made it otherwise!!

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