Thursday, December 15, 2016


When you have a lame almost-Christmas birthday, you get a Birthday Tree up all month long! And BIRTHDAY wrapping paper- NOT Christmas!! 

After seeing Santa at the Festival of Trees there was traffic so we stopped and grabbed dinner at Texas Roadhouse. This baby gobbled up so many rolls with honey butter!!

For a few weeks Levi kept asking and asking if we could go on a date and get Chinese food. I told him the story of when he was a baby and gobbled up half my plate of Panda Express once when we were at a layover at the airport so he's convinced that he loves it. Well, finally we had an open Saturday and we went on our date. He LOVED it all and ate a ton! His favorites were the honey walnut shrimp and orange chicken. I love going on dates with each of these boys- I have as much fun spending time with them as they do!

Levi got to go on his date because the entire day he was SO exceptionally good- doing service for others, going above and beyond in his chores and just polite and kind. TJ and I were kind of surprised by it, he was that good!! So when we read his fortune it just made sense!

Career Day!! I was apart of Career Day for the kindergarteners at Negley Elementary this year. I left Shad at Nora's house but I was so afraid that if I left Benson there too he'd cry the entire time. I'm pretty sure his big top teeth are trying to push through. Plus, he's still deathly attached to me. So, I figured I'd just have to make do with him tagging along. The day before, I walked into the Kyle ER and asked if I could borrow a pediatric gown. They gave it to me with no problems and I just used Bens as my patient! For 2 hours he just sat on my lap and watched the kids, drank his bottle and then took a nap. Over and over the kids would ask, "Is that a real baby? Is he dead?" haha.

I picked up the cutest little Rudolph from school the other day. I love it when they come home wearing things they made. It's just the cutest. 

I miss Molly for a few reasons but Bens is starting to take her place. When the boys spill, he crawls over as fast as he can and starts sucking it up like this. :) 

This kid is walking around the entire apartment all day long!! He's totally got the walking thing down!

This past week we decorated our Gingerbread House. The kids loved it and ate about half the candy. It was quick and easy and loved the little kit we got at HEB. They were so content to work on one house together. It was perfect for the cramped and chaos we live in right now. 

So often they still love to sleep all snuggled up together instead of spread out separately. :)

Benson started walking and climbing at the same time. This kid can get UP and fast. He gives me a heart attack- especially when I have to take a picture first, ha!

This kid loves Christmas but not Santa and not as much as his birfday. :)

We have bad news- the plastic handcuffs that helped Levi keep track of Tigee has finally broke. So now Levi is trying to come up with a new method of holding on to him. We'll see what he comes up with! ;)

At our Ward Christmas Party.

I had Shad and Benson's pictures taken by Judy Horton, in the ward. I always dread these photo sessions because it's so hard to get good pics and smiling, happy faces. I told Shad if he smiled good he could get a treat. He was PERFECT. He sat and smiled and did exactly what she said in 10 minutes flat. I was so impressed with him. So he got to get chik-fil-a breakfast and play on the play place. I was seriously so surprised he did so well and totally understood it all. 

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