Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we left the babies at home with TJ and we went and saw the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One. I was surprised at how good to was!! It was awesome!! Ty and Levi were so into it- it was so funny to watch their reactions. When R2D2 and C3PO were shown briefly Ty jumped out of his chair and yelled! And at the end when they defeated the Imperial army he couldn't stop clapping. Even the guy sitting closest to us kept laughing and watching him. I think watching Ty watch the movie was one of my favorite parts of this Christmas. :)

I actually screwed up our tickets and we got there an hour early. The theater had a really cool game section that the boys were mesmerized with. For a good 30 minutes they had so much fun "playing" the games without any tokens. Then after a while I gave the boys a choice of popcorn and a drink or buying $10 worth of tokens. They were beyond excited to do the tokens. Levi ended up hitting a jackpot on one of the games and getting 500 tickets! So we ended up with about 800 points and they each chose something at the little store to redeem. They said it was the best Christmas Eve ever. And they were totally content just watching the movie without a drink or snacks! 

We're not very good at selfies!

After we got home from the movies, we headed out to get dinner at a Mexican restaurant. That has been our tradition when I've had to work on Christmas and we celebrated early without any family. Well, apparently heading out at 4 pm is too late and all the places close for the night. And we haven't been able to find a Nico's or Filiberto's in Texas yet- only TexMex mexican restaurants! So we ended up going to In-N-Out and the boys were so excited. They ate every bite we ordered and loved the shakes they got to get since it was Christmas. 

Benson discovered ketchup and couldn't get enough. He LOVED it. He'd suck every bit off of each fry and then ask for more. It was funny.

The best part of Christmas Day was getting to talk to our Jordy on Skype! It was lame because we couldn't figure out how to connect more than one person on it so everyone who wasn't at my parent's house had to facetime someone else's phone. So it was hard to talk back and forth but I loved hearing everything and being able to see her. She's doing amazing and I'm so glad she's serving. What an experience!! I'm so proud of her!

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