Thursday, December 22, 2016

Benson Turns One!

On December 21st Benson turned ONE!!!

Height- 30.5 inches = 76 percentile
Weight- 23lbs, 12 oz = 84 percentile
Head Circ- 48.3 cm = 96 percentile

It's so scary when your mom makes you balance on the edge of a small table!!

Look at that belly!!

Benson's Birthday Tree

The boys and I had a "party" together to celebrate. We had cake and ice cream and opened Benson's presents. He actually LOVED his little walker thing- it was so cute! He walks all around the house with it so proud. The boys were so excited because I let them open one present from under the tree too. So they definitely thought it was a real party! Then that night we went to the Trail of Lights in Wimberley to celebrate. Poor TJ is at work all day, still commuting 90+ minutes to work and is kind of stressed so I told him not to make any special effort to be home for it all. He's only one and has no clue as to what's going on! :)

A momentous occasion for me- this is the first time I bought a cake and didn't make and decorate it myself!! haha! I've reached a new level in parenting- ha. It's actually so cute and tasted pretty good and the boys had so much fun picking it out for him at HEB. I just realized it doesn't matter one bit and I really enjoyed decorating and planning it in the past but with moving and 4 kids, I've just moved on! Plus, it's much cuter than anything I could've made!!

He LOVES this toy!

Ty's shark blanket that he opened up :)

The icing was really messy so I took Shad upstairs for a bath since he got it everywhere. When I came back down I found this sad sight- poor Bens had gotten the balloons wrapped around his hands and covered in cake and frosting! It was so funny and he was so done with it all. He didn't destroy much of it like we thought he would! But he definitely licked a lot and enjoyed it until the balloons got in the way! 

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