Thursday, November 10, 2016


Even before we moved to Texas, I've loved the show Fixer Upper and wanted to visit Waco someday. No, my real dream was to have Chip and Jojo do a house for us but that might be a long shot still. :) 
It took forever to finally have an empty Saturday but we made it! It was a rainy Saturday and still busy but it was a great little trip! I loved just Waco itself but really, it was just a great family day. One of those few times where everyone is happy and well-behaved, things just go well and we enjoyed being together. We went to the Magnolia Silos (no sign of Chip and Joanna though, darn!) and the famous Waco bridge. We also stopped by the little Dr. Pepper Museum since it was next door. That one was kinda boring, just for the record. But the bridge was pretty cool and the boys had fun playing on it. It was a 2 hour drive so it wasn't too bad. The atmosphere at the silos was really fun with Christmas music playing on the loudspeakers and lots for the kids to play with on the turf. It was too busy and hard with the double stroller to go through the bakery or the store but I got two sweet shirts from their 40% off barn sale outside! So it's safe to say my dream is partially fulfilled! A lady commented on what a good husband I had to bring me here but really, Chip is TJ's favorite man crush and he loves the show as much as I do!! 

I hate selfies of myself and never take them. But with these goofy boys begging me and Levi's crazy faces, I couldn't say no :)

Ty- 6.5 years
Levi- 5.5 years
Shad- 2.5 years (almost 3)
Benson- 10 months

On the way home, the boys were glued to the Longhorns game and had to keep watching while waiting for their curly fries :) 

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