Saturday, November 19, 2016

Kinder Feast

I got to help with Levi's little Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast yesterday- it was adorable! I went right as school was starting to help the kids put together their costumes. It was a little crazy but so fun. I'm starting to get to know the kids and they just love Shad and Benson. The little boys take Shad and play with him and the girls just dote on Benson. It's actually really cute. 

Mrs. Sparks' class won the contest to raise money to feed a family for dinner- that's why she's dressed up in the turkey costume. Just her class alone raised $200!! At the very end, we were in 2nd place so Mrs. Sparks got out her own checkbook- that's how bad she wanted to win! She's awesome. But their class raised enough to feed 6 families! The whole school did it so I'm sure they are feeding many families- kinda cool. 

Then we came back in the afternoon for the actual feast. It was too windy to have it outside so we improvised in the hallway. It was all the kindergarten classes (6 of them) so the whole hallway was covered with little dressed up kids and popcorn. :) 
Mrs. Sparks gave me the assignment to make the popcorn turkeys out of the brown paper bags. Each kid got to choose to be a turkey, pilgrim or indian. Then the turkey was 'carved' and they gobbled it all up. They acted like it was Christmas morning when they realized the turkey legs had caramel popcorn and kettle corn in it- haha. 

Shad LOVES going to their school- he just eats up all the attention he gets and has fun with all the toys in the room. It's a really cool room with so much to do.

Jackson K., Jonah and Levi- best buddies!

Later that day I gave Benson 2 Christmas oreos to eat while I did homework- haha.

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