Thursday, November 3, 2016

Happy Halloween

We had a great little Halloween- simple and easy and the boys loved it. We did our family theme costumes this year just because I'm not sure how much longer the older boys will want to do it and I got a $150 gift card for it too. So we had fun with it! On Halloween day, we stopped by TJ's work first. He was wearing his Captain Hook costume from last year and I was Peter Pan while the little boys just wore old costumes- Captain America and Iron Man. We dressed up for the boys' school. I went to Ty's classroom to read a book and share a treat. Then I helped with Levi's Fall Festival outside (since they aren't allowed to have a 'Halloween Party'- not educational ;). It was so hot we all took off our costumes half way through!! But the kids still had fun and I like being apart of things at their school. They were able to wear a costume from a book character and had to bring the book to school- good thing we have a ton of Star Wars books.

Levi's teacher really wanted her class to trick or treat at her house so we stopped there first. She's just the best and loves these kids so much. She had a special treat for them and had to take a picture. Jackson K. was there at the same time and he's one of Levi's best buddies. Then we trick or treated for about an hour, came home, watched Room on the Broom while the kids ate/sorted their candy and then called it a night. Everyone was in bed by 8 pm. It was great! Plum Creek neighborhood is perfect for trick or treating and some people give out good stuff! The 3 older boys just went house to house while we watched and Bens hung out in the stroller and even took a little nap. It was almost too easy. Shaddie was so cute and totally got it, saying trick or treat and thank you right along with the older boys. 

I've never trick or treated with such NICE people! People are so kind! One lady even got my phone number to get our kids together and play!! I'm continually amazed by Texas hospitality. It's a real thing!

10 months old- First Halloween!!!

Shaddie wore Captain America almost exactly 2 years ago, at the same age and even the saem shoes :) It's like an exact repeat. 

Lev getting his face painted at the Fall Festival. The cute little 5th graders got to help with it. 

Shaddie felt so grown up going to all the little stations with Levi and his friends. He would hold his hand and follow him without missing a beat.

Cutest little Yoda baby! I was surprise he sat as still as he did for the face painting!

Han Solo, Yoda, Stormtrooper, Kylo Ren, Luke Skywalker, Rey

Can't be Rey and not have the right hair!

So cute watching those 3 go up to each door together, holding hands.

Shaddie would shoot every scary thing he saw. But he never once got really scared at all. He's the bravest out of the three :)

Sorting out the goods!

My crazy parents, scaring all the kids!! My dad would sit really still and they grab the kids as they reached for candy, haha. And that creepy looking baby is a puppet ;)

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