Saturday, November 19, 2016

Kinder Feast

I got to help with Levi's little Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast yesterday- it was adorable! I went right as school was starting to help the kids put together their costumes. It was a little crazy but so fun. I'm starting to get to know the kids and they just love Shad and Benson. The little boys take Shad and play with him and the girls just dote on Benson. It's actually really cute. 

Mrs. Sparks' class won the contest to raise money to feed a family for dinner- that's why she's dressed up in the turkey costume. Just her class alone raised $200!! At the very end, we were in 2nd place so Mrs. Sparks got out her own checkbook- that's how bad she wanted to win! She's awesome. But their class raised enough to feed 6 families! The whole school did it so I'm sure they are feeding many families- kinda cool. 

Then we came back in the afternoon for the actual feast. It was too windy to have it outside so we improvised in the hallway. It was all the kindergarten classes (6 of them) so the whole hallway was covered with little dressed up kids and popcorn. :) 
Mrs. Sparks gave me the assignment to make the popcorn turkeys out of the brown paper bags. Each kid got to choose to be a turkey, pilgrim or indian. Then the turkey was 'carved' and they gobbled it all up. They acted like it was Christmas morning when they realized the turkey legs had caramel popcorn and kettle corn in it- haha. 

Shad LOVES going to their school- he just eats up all the attention he gets and has fun with all the toys in the room. It's a really cool room with so much to do.

Jackson K., Jonah and Levi- best buddies!

Later that day I gave Benson 2 Christmas oreos to eat while I did homework- haha.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Life Update

My cousin posted this picture of my uncles and cousins gathering cattle on my uncle's ranch. I just think it's such a beautiful picture and my heart just swells with love for the country life and my roots of where I come from. I want this so bad for my boys someday. Hopefully someday!!

My cute little brother, Tanner, is only a freshman but got moved up to Varsity towards the end of the season. Pretty big deal!! They made it to their first play off game and lost. But it was really fun for Tan to gear up under the Friday night lights and be with the team. He's so big and grown up!! Love that kid! Someday, somehow we're going to be there for one of his Varsity games!! 

So big news came last week! TJ got a call from his boss saying his training time at his building, Legend Oaks in Kyle, was done!! They needed him at another building in San Antonio and he would take over as Executive Director- but still under supervision of his bosses since he hasn't taken his state boards yet. Then, once his six months is up, they switch him to his very own building and he'll be completely on his own!! That should happen around December 31 and it will also be in San Antonio. It was so sudden and although we known our time in Kyle would be brief we're sad to leave it! I don't know why but I was feeling so unsettled about moving to San Antonio completely next month- it's a huge city, I have no idea where to go or live or even start. I know the boys are so young and moving schools shouldn't be a big deal but I just felt so bad about it. After praying about it I suddenly got the answer that we should stay here to finish out the school year and TJ can live over there (about an hour away) and come home on weekends. Once this thought came into my head, I felt instant peace. It makes sense- the boys are so happy at school and with their friends and we love our ward. And who knows, maybe Ty would have a hard time adjusting and it would be detrimental to how far he's come. Ty's class and friends are okay but Levi has the BEST teacher and friends. So I feel the need to be a little careful with Ty's situations. Anyways, since TJ will be working 12-13 hours a day once he's the real one in charge, we might as well stay where we have connections and friends and a life. Plus that gives us 6 months to figure out where to move to in San Antonio. TJ will only be an hour away from us so it's not that far at all. So we're busy trying to find a house to rent for just 6 months (our dumb apartment lease ends soon- YAY!!! That's the most exciting part of all of this- getting OUT OF THE APARTMENT!! My kids can't wait to run and scream and jump again!) and finding housing for TJ over there. I have total faith that we'll find something because of the impression that I got. I just need to be patient and move forward knowing it's all going to be okay. 

But for the past week, TJ has been commuting to San Antonio!! It's been awful!!! He has to leave at 6:30am to get there at 8 am and he stays until about 7 pm to miss more traffic so he can get home by 8 or so. I think the drive bothers me more than him- he listens to books, makes calls and says it's not that bad. But I just think it's such a waste to be on the road so much and so much gas!! Our 4 months with him at the Kyle building that was 3 minutes away was heaven!! I'm glad we got to experience that- it was so nice to have him be able to come home for lunch and so fun to drop by his work to bring him a drink or say hi. 

I do have to admit, sometimes the thought comes into my mind if all that we've done/sacrificed/worked for for the last 7, going on 8 years, is worth it?? We've dragged our family across several states and keep moving and changing- I just need to have faith that this all will be worth it!! And it's okay if we have to move around a bit. Just because I graduated high school with the same kids I went to preschool with doesn't mean that's the best way. The boys are going to get good at making friends and being outgoing and adapt to new situations. 

His last day at this Kyle building was Friday November 11, 2016. He started on Tuesday July 12, 2016.

Even though he was only at the Kyle building for 4 months, he made a lot of really good friendships and working relationships. They threw him such a nice going away party! Many of the employees told him they wished he could stay and that they want to work for him eventually. It was very touching and nice. I'm really proud of TJ. He's worked so hard and actually made a difference! If he can do that much good and that strong of bond with his employees in 4 months, I'm very excited to see what the future brings. When I asked him if he was nervous about leaving this building and starting over, in a sense, he only said he was excited and ready for it. So proud of him and grateful for all that he does without complaining or negativity. 

 A typical TJ picture- can't open his eyes.

We stopped by on his last day at Kyle to say hi one last time! Bens was trying to stand up and take steps everywhere. 

Everytime Bens would stand up, the boys would crack up at the bear on his bum. They just thought it was so funny. 

I saved this picture because it brought such tears to my eyes!! This is one of my best friend's (growing up) parents who were like second parents to me. They are off to South Africa for another mission. This picture symbolizes so much- sacrifice, love of the gospel and their family, hope, service, faith. I just love President Ludwig's kiss to his grandkids!! So sweet. I know my parents want more than anything to serve but how they'll miss their grandkids as well! It's definitely a sacrifice as a young missionary to leave home but now I'm a mom, being senior missionaries has to be SO hard leaving your kids and grandkids! The gospel is SO true- why else would we do all this??

Trying to read books with all 4 boys on my lap. Didn't work so well and we thought the chair was going to break. The only chair in our living room too! :)

I got these Facebook message from Amy Roskelley- a good friend from our Lehi ward. I thought it was so funny I had to include it in here. I can come back and read it on most days when I look like the above picture, for a confidence booster. ;)

I can't keep this information to myself!!! Wade (my husband) who is always chatting with the young men.. told me that the boys were talking about the "hottest women in the ward". and the webb boy said, The hottest one isn't here anymore.. she moved. It was Sister Hendrickson!!!
So, there you go

Sometimes I look over at this kid and he seems SO big and growing up fast. I took the two older boys with me for choir practice and to play the organ so TJ could come later with the babies. While we were waiting for everyone to come he just quietly got out his scriptures and read them. :)

Shad likes to run around with oven mitts on his feet.
Ty came home from school, grabbed an apple and sat down to quietly read. He won perfect child award for an hour. ;)

I'm starting to match Benson and Shad alike. I stopped doing it because I had a TON of matching clothes with Ty and Levi. Then as the years go by I always give away one of the matching set because I don't need two of the same thing stored away. But now it's just so cute and I have fun see them together. It gives me total flashbacks to when Ty and Levi were little and I often feel like I've gone back in time and am raising them again.

Shad- almost 3
Benson- almost 1

My cousin, Nate Wengert, was passing through town. Right now he lives in OK City but often comes down to San Antonio for work. It was great to see him and have a quick lunch together. We're only 4 months apart so we were really close friends all growing up. Super competitive, of course ;) I enjoy my cousins so much and glad I have so many. 

Just a glimpse in a typical day in a cramped, tiny apartment. The boys come home from school and need a snack while we do chores, reading and homework. Someone usually has a bloody nose, Benson is trying to be with all the big kids, Shad's in some sort of costume and the house is a mess. :) 

Ty is such a helper. I'm grateful for him.

This crazy kid is experiencing a little Middle Child Syndrome. I'm learning you have to be a different parent to each kid and in different phases of each of their lives. This mom thing is complicated!! Holy patience though- I'm trying really hard each day to not lose it and be more loving and stop and play with him. I know it's what he needs but it's so hard when I want to spank his little bum bum instead of cuddle him!!

The boys favorite places- Shad likes to eat apples in the stuffed animal bin and Bens loves standing up on the dishwasher. Also the typical fridge and toilets- bahhh. We are starting the falling stage with lots of bruises and bumps and falling. :(

This is our picture retake.... hmmm. :) I guess we'll just call it good and be done with it! ;)

Ty Hendriksen- 1st grade, Mrs. Snead
Negley Elementary School
Kyle, Texas

I read to Levi's class a Thanksgiving book and brought donut holes. They kids were beyond delighted. I took pictures of each of them for a little Christmas craft we'll be doing for their Christmas party- they are all so funny. Levi got a shirt for finishing his Gator Reader chart and was very excited. Being the Homeroom Mom for his class means I'm very invovled but it's good!! :) Mrs. Sparks makes things so easy.

Thursday, November 10, 2016


I still wedge this guy into the Bumbo every morning because it's the only way I can get dressed. This Target clearance onesie speaks the literal truth for this guy. Although lately, he's been warming up to TJ a little bit so sometimes I get a little break. He took his first independent steps from the boys' picnic table across the rug until he fell and all of us only saw it from the corner of our eyes because Shad was being naughty and I was focused on him. But it was so cute and I'm surprised he went for it! It was just two little steps on Sunday November 6, 2016. We'll see how long it takes before he's really walking. 

This poor little baby caught the flu bug this past weekend- it was so sad because he just kept vomiting over and over but was SO thirsty. When he was in the bathtub he would just try to drink the bathwater! It made my heart hurt just watching him! But luckily it didn't last long and it all turned around and started causing problems at the other end. Lots of diarrhea!! And so stinky too. Blah!!

Starting to make real messes.

I forgot to let Levi's teacher know he needed picture retakes and so he missed them even though he was dressed and ready for them! I was mad at myself but now we're just stuck with this gem for his kindergarten pictures!! hahaha. 

Kindergarten- Mrs. Sparks at Negley Elementary in Kyle, Texas
2016 - 2017

The boys were SO excited because their character pumpkins won- Levi's Clifford pumpkin won the cutest award and Ty's mummy pumpkin won the most creative award. 

Levi's Sayings:

Levi came home from school and told me, "Everyone likes me because they think I'm so cute because I'm little. They just love me." When I asked who said that he said his whole class but mostly Jonah did because "Jonah is big and looks like an 8 year old". haha. 

They were trying to slide Ty's big backpack between the carseat and Levi said, "I have an idea! Slide it like a gift card. Do the gift card!" He meant slide it like a credit card. So now we all say do the gift card! :)

Ty and Lev were playing 20 questions and Levi said, "Okay, I'll give you a hint. It starts with polar...." when Ty guessed polar bear, he exclaimed, "Wow! Ty! You're good at this game!"

A friend from the ward gave us a bunch of really cute shoes that her shoe outgrown. She brought them in this bag and so for the whole next week Shad carried them all around in the same bag. Everywhere. They cutest little rain boots are his favorite. 

On November 1st, this kid was SO excited because he'd been waiting for his half birthday. What kid knows his half birthday?? I didn't even realize mine until Ty came along. He talked me into happy hour Sonic slushes to celebrate. :) 
P.S. It was Pajama Day at school on the same day so that's why the messy hair and jammies look. 

Ty's Sayings:

He's trying to be super brave and try new foods. He was daring enough to lick his finger and stick it in the bowl of sugar. Then he said, "Wow!! White sugar tastes amazing!!"

During his prayer, "Please bless people won't say Oh My Your Name."

The boys have a big Veteran's Day celebration at their school and they each made a star like this for my Grandpa Allen to display. I love seeing it in the halls when I walk by and I appreciate the school teaching them the significance. When I called my grandpa to tell him that some little elementary school in Texas has a star up for him he was so touched. :)

Yeah, this was my night Sunday night but 4 in a row. It was a long night with lots of Netflix watching. At least there are some good WWII documentaries on right now that I love! I'm just glad the baby is feeling much better now!

Ty was struggling with his hair here but here he is with his buddies Terrance and Rylan. I came into eat with him for the Thanksgiving Feast. I came to his lunch because I'm always doing stuff for Levi's class. He was super excited even if he didn't talk much, haha. Plus the lunch room is a little crazy and loud. The parents could take them to go eat across the hall but he wanted to stay with his friends. I thought that was sweet. Ty doesn't seem to have as good of class, teacher or friends as Levi does but he is very loyal to them all and doesn't seem to notice one bit.

Never imagined I'd have such light haired boys!! :)

This kid!!! He's going through a little tricky stage right now- he's constantly teasing Ty and Levi, says NO more than ever and just can be downright ornery. But then at times he can be so sweet and crazy and fun!! Isn't that why they call them threenagers?? 

We had our 2 week follow up for Shad's teeth at the dentist. She said they look much better, the gums are healthier but all 3 are still loose and it's still a waiting game. The next thing is just watch for infection and see if they stay!! Fingers crossed. He's become an expert at chewing with his back teeth and they rarely hurt him anymore. Crazy kid!


Even before we moved to Texas, I've loved the show Fixer Upper and wanted to visit Waco someday. No, my real dream was to have Chip and Jojo do a house for us but that might be a long shot still. :) 
It took forever to finally have an empty Saturday but we made it! It was a rainy Saturday and still busy but it was a great little trip! I loved just Waco itself but really, it was just a great family day. One of those few times where everyone is happy and well-behaved, things just go well and we enjoyed being together. We went to the Magnolia Silos (no sign of Chip and Joanna though, darn!) and the famous Waco bridge. We also stopped by the little Dr. Pepper Museum since it was next door. That one was kinda boring, just for the record. But the bridge was pretty cool and the boys had fun playing on it. It was a 2 hour drive so it wasn't too bad. The atmosphere at the silos was really fun with Christmas music playing on the loudspeakers and lots for the kids to play with on the turf. It was too busy and hard with the double stroller to go through the bakery or the store but I got two sweet shirts from their 40% off barn sale outside! So it's safe to say my dream is partially fulfilled! A lady commented on what a good husband I had to bring me here but really, Chip is TJ's favorite man crush and he loves the show as much as I do!! 

I hate selfies of myself and never take them. But with these goofy boys begging me and Levi's crazy faces, I couldn't say no :)

Ty- 6.5 years
Levi- 5.5 years
Shad- 2.5 years (almost 3)
Benson- 10 months

On the way home, the boys were glued to the Longhorns game and had to keep watching while waiting for their curly fries :)