Saturday, October 29, 2016

Trunk or Treat

Last weekend we had the ward Trunk or Treat. Since we are the Star Wars theme this year our trunk went along with that. We had the Star Wars theme music blasting from the car as well. All the little boys thought it was pretty cool. TJ was Han Solo, I was Rey, Ty was Kylo Ren, Levi was Luke Skywalker, Shad was a stormtrooper, and Benson was Yoda. I had earned a $150 gift certificate to amazon from completing this 4 hours nursing test so I bought most of their costumes- so easy! The only costume to really make was me and TJ's. His was pretty easy except for the gun holster. You could buy some but they were ridiculously expensive. So I ended up spray painting a nerf gun we already had and then I sewed/hot glued brown foam together to form the holster! It turned out pretty good and I totally made it up as I went- not even Pinterest helped me! I'm weirdly proud of it, ha. My costume I just pieced together and after one failed attempt with the right type of fabric for the draped part, it came together. I had no idea gauze was a real type of fabric sold in stores! 

At the ward party, Aubrey Cline came up with Kenton (her 5 year old) to ask if he could talk to the real Rey. Kenton was beyond convinced I was THE REAL Rey. He was in absolutely awe. I think it was the coolest I ever felt in my life ;) It was like I was a celebrity or a character in Disneyland. He asked me how I made my movies and that he loves them and thinks I am awesome. If I ever need a self esteem boost, I'll just dress up as Rey and go talk to Kenton ;) 

My favorite costumes that I've seen so far. Our friends, the Theodores, dressed their twins up as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump! They looked awesome!

After all the candy was gone, several of the boys had some pretty massive light saber fights in the church parking lot. My boys and Bennett German and Cooper Kruize were going at it! It was cute.

My awkward church bathroom selfie- I hate taking pictures of myself but wanted to show my costume ;)

Levi was exhausted after getting home from the party. He was totally out and everyone was moving his arms and making his mouth talk, ha.

One last awkward selfie. :) 

We went out in the back of our apartments to take a few pictures of the boys in their costumes. Shaddie had been talking about being a stormtrooper for months- this was the highlight of his life. He was so proud to be with the big boys.

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Jennifer said...

Love all your costumes this year! Owen had Kylo Ren's light saber like Ty's with his Darth Vader costume this year and you have no idea how many people told us it was the wrong saber! was red and I wasn't going to buy a new one. :) And you look very skinny in those pics!