Sunday, October 16, 2016


Buda has a cute little pumpkin patch that we stopped by to pick out a few pumpkins. It was tiny and cute and only pumpkins there but the boys were as excited about it as thought it was Cornbellys in Utah county. :) It was very serious business picking out pumpkins. The next night we carved/painted them. I love the little kits you can get so I'm not having to carve 4 pumpkins out! They love to paint and put stickers on them- so easy. I decided to carve one simple one since the boys hadn't ever done it before. All 3 of them were so grossed out with the seeds and gunk inside- Shaddie was literally gagging, haha! TJ has been working so many hours and late so maybe this will be the last year that he's not around for our Halloween activities?? I'm proud of him for working so hard and knew full well going into this job that it'd be like this but every once in awhile I daydream what'd it be like to have him around more than the last 4 years have been... ;)

He's calling this job his dream job and he's been putting in 70-80 hours in each week and it's already showing. He has great rapport with staff already and making a difference. I'm excited for him and know it will all pay off. It's been 3 months in this job and the training period is supposed to be from 6-12 months. However, he's been getting the feeling/urgency from his boss that it'll be closer to only the 6 months. It's kind of exciting since big changes could be happening and our life might be on the brink of some permanency and finality!! And the end of our apartment days might be on the horizon!!! Ahhh! Our lease is up January 10 so we'll see what happens! 

Ty- 6.5 years
Levi- 5.5 years
Shad- 2 years
Benson- 9 months

For school the boys could enter a Storybook Character Pumpkin contest. So Levi made a Clifford pumpkin from the book Clifford Goes to Kindergarten and Ty made a mummy from Magic Treehouse book #3 Mummies in the Morning. 

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