Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fall Festival

Last Saturday Plum Creek was having a fun little fall festival so in between T-ball games (and during Benson- and TJ's- nap) we stopped by. There were a bunch of vendors, booths, jumping castles, bounce houses, a train ride and pony rides. 

Only Shaddie would ride it- my city boys are embarrassing me ;)

Here's a picture of the laziest baby ever!! At 9.5 months he's finally holding his own bottle!! And even then, I have to force him! He LOVES his mommy to feed him! And I don't help much because I enjoy it too ;)

This was the only picture I got of General Conference- the older boys did really well with their conference packet. I loved it and have already enjoyed re-listening to many of the talks. My favorite part of the entire GC was when President Uchtdorf was talking about his huge learning curve with technology when he became a General Authority and had to learn to use a computer in 1994 and used 'several liters of a diet soda which shall remain nameless' to help!! I was dying- my love for him increased even more!! ;)

Ty's drawing about his two best friends- Terrence and Austin. They like to play football at recess. 

 Sometimes I give in and let Shaddie win the outfit game. 

It was so cute watching all 3 of them ride it together- and they totally wanted to too. It wasn't like I was forcing it on them!

Last swim of the season! We've LOVED having access to a pool and these boys have improved A TON!! I'm totally convinced that the only thing better to improve swimming skills than actual swim lessons is daily swimming in your own pool. All the boys' confidence has increased dramatically. And Benson LOVES the water- and baths. He always cries when he has to get out even when he's shivering and cold! Funny little Nemo!

Even though the messy house is awful, these scrawny boys crack me up- and Bens peering over the top to steal some food :) He's like a little bird wanting scraps of food. 

I substituted Ty's primary class- Ty and Bennett German are getting to be buddies. It's cute. 

We are SO lucky to have Mrs. Sparks!!! She came to Levi's T-ball game last week. He was so proud to have her there. 
TJ read a Halloween book to his class this past week and was going to do different voices for the vampire and mummy and monsters but Levi begged TJ not to do it because he was going to be embarrassed!! HAHA. It's already beginning. TJ was nice and didn't do it. :) I told TJ to not ask him next time and just DO IT!

The boys off to T-ball! Even though TJ is gone a lot he's always so good to do whatever he can to help me. He took these guys so I could stay home and work on a paper. He also went on a few errands after so I could get a lot of alone time at home! He's the best!

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