Saturday, October 29, 2016


Last week it got down to 65 degrees so we had to join all the rest of the Texans with our sweatshirts. :) Too bad it's back to sweaty 85 degrees again. But my AZ self loves this weather!!!

This past week Shad (who is the craziest) ran off the bed and hit 3 of his bottom teeth, They were bleeding pretty bad and he was hurting so I took him into the dentist. They took xrays and it looks like he damaged the bones around each tooth and they are loose. Darn!! So we are waiting 2 weeks to see what they do, he's only eating soft foods and using ibuprofen so they can hopefully rest and heal. But time will tell if he'll lose them or not. He's gotten pretty good at putting his food in the back of his mouth to chew with only his back teeth- he's pretty proud of himself. It's funny- he might just be the first of my kids to lose a tooth! Ty and Levi will be so jealous. :)

Can't ever get a normal picture of this kid!

Hello picture retakes!!

Shad literally fell asleep like this in the Target cart. His nose was all smooshed when I woke him up. Out of all of the ways my kids have fallen asleep in carts over the years, this one is the winner.

We went to a health fair at the local hospital where TJ's work had a booth at. The boys brought home a ton of worthless trinkets pens, stress-balls and the like. They thought it was awesome.

This Great Dane therapy dog was huge!!! It was taller than Levi! Benson loved him and the dog like Benson (well, his sucker really).

This baby turned 10 months!!! He finally has 2 little teeth, has figured out the proper way to crawl, loves baths and water and splashing and is starting to stand on his own!

Shad likes to help Bens by holding him by his neck with both hands. Don't mind the poofy hair- he needed a haircut super bad!

TJ was out of town in California for a week for a work conference. That meant we were flying solo with a lot of late nights at the ball field. But we did it! Ty had batting practice and he felt so grown up. I'm actually amazed at how much he's improved in just one season. he now wants to play baseball again in the spring, he likes it that much now. It's neat to see his confidence skyrocket since he really struggled at the beginning of the season. He also had an awesome coach.

We read a Halloween book to Levi's class and took spooky string cheese.

Levi's cute little bat :)

Breast cancer awareness day at school. I had to go out and buy a few things since we literally had nothing pink in our entire house!

Jordan made it to Australia!! And her and her companion look a lot alike! Her emails are amazing and she's doing so well. I'm so proud of her!!
Herer's few excerpts from her letters. I've been so touched by them.

"Australia is amazing and I have never been happier to be somewhere. You can not deny the power of the holy ghost as a missionary. I know I have only been here for a week, but I am, determined to find those people that I promised in the pre-mortal existence. I will find them, with the Lord's help. I will find, teach, and bring "my people" unto Christ. I love you all so so much and Pacific Pines, HERE I COME!!" 

"TARA!! Just wanted to send a quick note saying thank you so much for the blessing you are to me. You have helped me with more than you know. You are such an amazing mom, missionary, sister, daughter, and all around person and I strive to be like you more and more each day. Seriously!! i find myself thinking sometimes" what would Tara do?" ahha. Your letters make me so happy. It's been the longest, fastest, hardest, best 2 weeks of my life. I have grown spiritually, mentally and i hope not too much physically. ahaha I never knew how AWESOME the gospel can be. like seriously, dressing up every single day  and reading a book?? But like the feeling you get out of a lesson that the spirit completely taught, or when an "investigator" says yes to baptism, THAT'S why we are out here. I love you so much and you are such an example to me!! "

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