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Missions and Pet Parade

My sister Jordan entered the MTC on Wed. Sept. 28! It was kinda hard not being there with the rest of the fam to say goodbye and drop her off like I had for all my other siblings (except Devin, I was already out on my mission). But I was so excited for her and I know she was ready. It's been so good for the boys to pray for her everyday and be more aware of missionaries. The sisters in our area live right in our complex so the boys see them a lot and we've driven them places so that now Shaddie is always saying, sister missionaries!! It's cute.

Here's an excerpt from her first email- it made me cry:
"The MTC is honestly one of the most amazing, emotional, hard, perfect places I have ever been. As soon as as i said bye to you guys I was welcomed in with the spirit full arms opened wide. I have never felt that power before. We had a meeting as soon as we got there and the we sang the armies of helaman and we sing it "We are NOW the armies of helaman" And in that moment I said to myself, "sister wengert, you can do this. Im prepared and THIS is the time to give it all you got." It was honestly a life changing moment. 
CONFERENCE WAS THE BEST THING OF MY LIFE. I acutally stayed awake for every single hour. Being here with the other missionaries and singing called to serve was the coolest thing I have ever experinced. I had so many favorite talks but a couple of my favorites were Robert D Hales. i loved how he said to speak up and speak now. If you personally seek the guidance of the holy ghost youre mouth will be filled with love of the savior. Dont loose patience, dont give up. It's so true. Its crazy how in the MTC you General conference is a treat and everything they say pertains directly to you. I loved it and i know my MTC date was moved up for a reason. I also loved how Carol F McConkie said the God needs tough children for future generation so we must go through triles. I could go on and on about every talk. This experience was honestly life changing for me. I am so happy here i get  to experience walking with the spirit by my side every single day.
We watched a video about a talk that David A bednar gave and it changed my perspective as a missionary. Its about the Character of Christ. I challenge ALL of you to find and read it if you can. I cried the whole time because i was just filled with love. I cant even explain the feeling but it was the best talk I have ever heard in my entire life."

Yeah when I first read that I thought- what happened to Jordan?? haha. With all the focus on missionaries and after General Conference (which was so awesome), which had missionary talks as well, I felt so compelled to make a better effort. Here's what I wrote to Jordan about my newfound missionary work effort:

Update on JungHee- remember, the Korean lady I want to try to introduce the gospel to? So the Sisters came for dinner last night- long story short, it was crazy and they came early and the fridge part that held up the milk broke and mess everywhere and kids fighting and smoke alarm going off- you get the picture. Anyways, somehow fed them a good meal and then I had them go with me to JungHee's apartment to say hi and give them leftover dessert. TJ wasn't home so it was me, 4 kids (no shoes on and crazy hair) and 3 sisters (they were on exchange) all on their doorstep- kind of crazy looking when her husband answered the door! But JungHee came and I gave her the dessert (always a good excuse and makes things less awkward) and introduced her to the sisters. The sister who has Korea connections started talking to her about Korea and JungHee's crazy 4 year old, bratty little boy was yelling and screaming because he wanted to come to my house (Nooooooo!! ;) so.... overall it was a little chaotic but I DID it! A very small missionary effort. I had prayed on Monday that I would see her because it had been weeks since I had seen her. Later that same day, I saw her!! But was late picking up the boys and didn't have time to talk! So on Tuesday I was much more specific and prayed I would see her and have time to talk to her and later that day, I saw her and talked to her!! Praying in SPECIFICS is key and Heavenly Father really will answer your prayers if you are specific. And I had to not be late to get the boys and do my part! ;) Anyways, so that's my missionary moment :)

Last week Levi had his Kindergarten Pet Parade- it was so cute and the kids loved it. Although it did make us miss Molly and wish she was here to walk her in the parade with all the other animals! Or even to be close to Grandma and Poppa so we could bring chickens, the pony or something else unique. There was the cutest little girl there walking her little pony. But Levi had to settle for a stuffed animal instead and still had fun.
I feel so lucky we are at this school and for Levi's teacher. She is amazing- she goes to the kids' sport games and stops by their house with ice cream when they are sick. I have absolutely no worries about Levi being at school all day because I know she loves these kids as her own. The first thing they have to do when they enter the classroom is give her a hug. 
Shaddie had fun hanging out with Levi and his friends. He thought he was so big. It's also so nice for TJ to be close at work since he can come to things like this so easy.

Levi's best friends in his class are Jackson K. (there are 3 Jacksons) and Jonah.

For the most part, these boys play together so well. Often I'll find them quietly reading to each other or playing a game and letting Shaddie join in. I'm grateful for moments like that. Shad still calls this guest bed "Jordan's bed." Whenever he finds a hair he says it's "Jordan's hair." :) And when he prays for her he calls her our Jordy Poo. :)

During General Conference, Shad saw a black person singing in the MoTab and he shouted out, "Michael Jordan!!!" hahaha.

Shaddie is always saying crazy things that crack us up and make us wonder how in the world does a 2 year know about that?? Just yesterday he saw a picture of George Washington on a book and said, "George Washington! I love George Washington!!"

His favorite response to everything I say- such as "Put your shoes on" or "Let's go to Target" is.... "Okay, fine!" but sung like Anna in Frozen after Elsa tells her to go away. 

In Levi's prayer last night he said, "Please bless Sister Jordan Wengert on her mission that she can grow up and be a missionary that can plant trees for koala bears in Australia." Hmmm....

Last week I read a Pirate book to Levi's class and luckily, we had a bunch of pirate accessories things in the pretend play box (NOT a dress up box). So I had the kids wear stuff as I read and had made a super simple treasure box out of spray painting black a Huggies wet wipe box. After the book, they followed the treasure map to find the treasure chest and then had a treat. Did you know they made edible gold spray paint? I just spray painted the gold onto cheap little oreo-like cookies to make it look like gold coins- thanks Pinterest! The kids loved it and Shaddie loved being involved. Him and Benson just sat so quiet on my lap, mesmerized by the class. 


Apparently Texas has a lot of crickets this time of year. And by a lot I mean droves of them- like hundreds and hundreds everywhere. Shad is fascinated by them and has to catch a few every time we're outside. This one was his pet that he called "Reddie" because he was a red cricket.

Last Friday Bennett German from the ward invited Ty over to come play and Michelle invited the rest of us to stay and swim. We ended up being at their house for 4 hours! It was awesome and Michelle and I just talked and talked. TJ showed up after work and had pizza with us. Danny and Michelle are so nice and it made me hope we stay in Kyle somehow since these people here are all so great.

Ty takes T-ball so serious! And so does his team. And coaches. And the rest of Texas, haha. 
Ty's biggest strength is his speed- everything else he still needs to work on :) So we tell him to run as fast as he can to get on base and score. At his last game they were playing the best team in the league so everyone was really into it. Ty was running home and somehow tripped making his helmet cover his face. He gets up and for some reason, doesn't push his helmet back up but keeps running with his arms outstretched like Frankenstein. Somehow he stumbled to homeplate and scores just as the ball is thrown to get him out but he's safe. It was so funny and I would've given anything to have had it on video!! We ended up losing the game by 1 point though! So close but the kids had fun and the parents are all good about it. I love how these kids are learning the real game- outs and striking out. It's so good for them and Ty's learned a ton and improved a bunch already. 

We walked to the park while the older boys rode their bikes during the Priesthood session so TJ could watch it in peace. Texas weather is so perfect this time of year!

Ty completed his first allowance chart and earned his $5! We've done dailies and chores for a while now but now he's old enough to earn money. He was so excited to buy this Texas Longhorns football to take to recess and play with Terrence and Austin. 

 Benzie Boy loved the slide! No fear! 

So funny all these chubby little faces- all the boys at 9 months. I maybe see a little similarities but overall, they all look like completely different babies to me! People often say Ty and Benson look like twins??

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